CNN: Putin 3 years ago to master Trump in the Russian "prostitutes" handle?

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CNN: Putin 3 years ago to master Trump in the Russian "prostitutes" handle?

2017-01-12 00:44:09 284 ℃

Beijing time on January 11th morning, the U.S. cable news network (CNN) issued a news caused widespread concern: "the United States intelligence units have been reported to the popularity of Obama Trone, Russia may have to 'destroy' palm Trump material."

Is the secret report true?

The report by the director of national intelligence clapper, the director of the FBI, CIA director Comi Brennan, director of the National Security Bureau Rodgers submitted a joint. CNN published two page US intelligence briefing to Obama Trone popularization outline, it is only a 35 page summary of the report of the. The main list of how to intervene in the U.S. presidential election in Russia, secretly cultivation, help, support Trump at least five years.

CNN said intelligence comes from former British intelligence officials, the source of information for the Russian intelligence officers to prove the credibility of the report is very high, but the FBI is still verifying the authenticity of intelligence. While the U.S. media quickly follow up, in order to deal with sudden news, a wave of flat, wave after another, the network media BuzzFeed has decided to further open the 35 page without verification secret report.

"Americans about the president's allegations, decide for yourself," BuzzFeed wrote articles editor: This report had circulated for several weeks in politicians, officials, journalists, lawyers, intelligence units, even including "specific, unverified, may not be able to verify", about Trump and Russia contact, or a related video erotic accusation, but the editor still decided by the U.S. Open, public comment on the authenticity.

Trump disclosed in the "intelligence" the day after two bursts of twitter, attacked the "false news", the manipulation of public opinion "political witch hunt", second twitter criticized BuzzFeed.

Trump used to designate prostitutes in Moscow Hotel?

(a secret report.)

Secret report, most of the media is a prominent one of Trump "prostitutes" message. This explicit content without verification, but widely quoted U.S. media described a process of prostitution Trump in Moscow hotel:

According to the witness at the scene D, Trump in Moscow of abnormal behavior is to rent the presidential suite The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Obama and his wife Trump very hate had a visit to Russia at this, (Trump) hired a group of prostitutes to perform the "golden shower room, in front of him" (micturition), they have defiled sleep the bed. And this hotel in the Russian intelligence unit (FSB) control, including microphones, hidden cameras, they can also get any residual in the room record."

This description from a number of sources of information, but also letters show: "witness B (former senior Russian intelligence officials) confirmed that the Trump years in Russia, the Russian authorities have to provide enough that he was ashamed of material, if they want to threaten the Republican Party presidential candidate."

These contents from the secret report, has not been verified. The report also has some obvious mistakes, such as the name of the company (misspelled Alfa Group as Alpha Group); or a property reserved only for an official, but differ with the facts.

Trump's lawyer, the legal adviser Michael Cohen said that the allegations are "very funny", "obviously, the people with their own imagination stories, or to let the media can operate this false story, no matter they are based on what reason."

(Trump's Twitter)

Trump is really Putin undercover?

Trump repeatedly bluntly to improve relations with Russia, even with Putin Obama criticized the incompetence and injury to men inflicted by evil persons foreign policy failure. He also forthrightly named a "Russian friends" to the future as secretary of state government in charge of foreign affairs, so he and Russia's so-called "special relationship" has been rivals and the media of the news, such as The heavenly maids scatter blossoms..

Trump's nominee for secretary of state has a close relationship with Mr Putin

"Secret report" let Trump yield? Forced to nominate opposition figures as intelligence director?

Trump announced on Saturday nominated former Indiana Senator Coates (Dan Coats) as the new director of national intelligence, in 2014 the United States has taken on the Russian annexation of Crimea and the Russian sanctions, so Moscow Kremlin retaliation by the six U.S. lawmakers and three members of the White House staff blacklisted, Coates is one of them, in that he wouldn't get to Russia sanctions, his answer is "honor", which belongs to his Moscow's fiercest critics, in this presidential campaign during the fierce criticism of Trump, Trump is not a "circle", such an important position by the dissident control, that would make Trump embarrassed, why maverick Trump will yield? Is it just to reassure the intelligence community? Or the secret report is to let him pick up the reason of humiliation? The Trump press conference in January 11th may give an answer.

The old and the new president of the handover of power is not smooth, the future consumption will continue

In American political culture, the outgoing president and the incoming president often have such a phenomenon, in the last time the two sides should conduct the power transfer activities, under normal circumstances, the two sides will fully exchange, the outgoing president will give the incoming president to create certain conditions in order to have a a good start after he took office, and will take over the president in order to get a good start, usually the continuation of certain policies of the previous government to a certain extent, can the outgoing president to some extent to maintain their own political heritage. But if the two different concepts, even produce a considerable divergence of public power so the outgoing president will use their final stage of the promulgation of "maintenance" laws and other measures, so that the policy has a certain continuity in jurisprudence, can also make a certain obstacle to his successor. And difficulties. Obama is in this period to take a series of measures, such as a result, Obama and Trump will be the handover is not smooth, the future consumption will continue.

Wang Xiaowei, Professor, Moscow State University Foreign Party School of the CPC Central Committee, the European research center of China University of Political Science and Law postdoctoral researcher, PhD, senior engineer of economic sociology, is devoted to the study of Russia in recent twenty years, the authority, the mainstream media published articles, hundreds of articles (for reference), there are six articles by the central network in the letter to do the promotion of the whole network in Moscow, a monograph published news press, Xinhua news agency, people's daily and 100 domestic newspaper interview experts,, Guangming, international online,, surging news, China Press USA, Spain, Singapore overseas Chinese voice "," Singapore United Morning Post rating agency in Hongkong as a freelance writer or media. CCTV "legal forum" of the speaker, but also Russia today TV, Phoenix TV, Beijing TV, Guangzhou East TV, Gansu TV, Hubei satellite TV, satellite TV, China Sansha Radio International, Beijing people's broadcasting station, Heilongjiang radio and television special guests. Invited to the Central Party school, the European Union, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University and other major academic institutions to report, widely praised.

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