I asked Obama: who is elected Trump?

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I asked Obama: who is elected Trump?

2017-01-12 00:44:10 195 ℃

Text / Guangming Daily reporter in Washington, Han Xianyang

On the evening of January 10th, President Obama delivered his farewell address in his hometown of Chicago". Local media commented that Obama's speech in the voice of a sentimental, full of infinite farewell.

Drafts "farewell speech"

Over the past few months, Obama frequently accept magazines, television interview, published an article in the "Harvard Law Review", called on members of the cabinet office writing memos, met with congressional Democrats, while January 10th's "farewell speech" is his farewell tour of the climax series. Obama explained that the White House did not choose to make a farewell speech, said the reason that he came to Chicago at the age of 20, trying to find themselves, to pursue the meaning of life. In Chicago, he could recall the events of his youth as a community leader in the streets, when he saw the working-class struggle for dignity and believed that the United States had the power to change.

White House spokesman Ernest told reporters, as early as a few months ago, Obama had told aides that he would choose to give a farewell speech in his hometown". For the outgoing president, this is the first time in history. For a "farewell speech" sites, previous presidents are different: Carter, Reagan and Clinton in the Oval Office, Bush in the East Room of the White House, George W. Bush then went to West Point.

Like most American presidents, Obama wrote his own farewell speech". He began writing a few months ago, a week ago completed the conception of the theme. After that, he put the piece of content dictated to the chief contributor Cody Keenan, written by Keenan the first draft, he carefully modified. White House officials said, Obama and Keenan on the "farewell speech" four drafts. Obama, a former writer and former senior adviser to Mr. Axelrod, who also participated in the "farewell speech" of the drafting of the draft, and so on, and so on.

Compared with Washington, the hometown of Chicago to bring more warmth to Obama. For a glimpse of Obama in the farewell speech on the style, thousands of people in Chicago do not shine on the cold line to receive tickets, the team winding several blocks. Tickets are free, but a ticket on the Internet has been fired to $5000.

Persuade people to reflect on why Trump

In his farewell speech, Obama said with emotion, "it feels good to be home! Over the past few days, Michel and I received a lot of touching blessings, it is time for me to say thank you."

In his speech, Obama inventory of the main achievements of 8 years of tenure, including marriage equality, economic recovery, the killing of Ben Laden and peace to suspend Iran's nuclear program, etc.. He said the United States has "become better and stronger" than "when there is a lot of uncertainty."".

In the face of the new president claims will subvert Obama's health care bill offensive, Obama argued that the U.S. health care spending growth was the slowest in 50 years, "if anyone can suggest a better medical plan, I hesitate to publicly support". For the current race relations in the United States, Obama thought it was much better than twenty or thirty years ago. He said, "if you see with tainted glasses immigration, will destroy American values". Obama defended his counterterrorism achievements, saying: "we have killed tens of thousands of terrorists, and the international coalition has recaptured more than half of the land occupied by the Islamic state terrorist group". In the face of the booming social media, Obama's advice is that if you are tired of arguing with strangers on the Internet, try to get to the real life and face to face communication.

Obama agreed, in "farewell speech" did not directly criticized President elect Trump. He made sure that the next 10 days a smooth political transition, to persuade people not to the new president "at", and should reflect on why voters will make this choice.

Finally, he said with deep feeling, "it is a great honor to be your president, and I will be with you for the rest of my life."!" End the farewell speech".

Leaving a tear in the United States

A common view of American society is that 8 years ago, Obama took over an economic crisis in the United States, and in the past 8 years, he left a torn america.

The Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) recently jointly issued a poll shows that although more than half of Americans have a good impression on Obama, but only less than half of Americans believe that Obama's 8 years, the United States is better than ever. Of the surveyed Americans, 57% liked Obama, and the 37% did not like him. In addition, for Obama's campaign promises, 2/3 of Americans think he did not achieve, 44% of people think he did his best but failed to cash, and 22% of people think he did not cash.

In January 2009, Obama became the dark haired in high and vigorous spirits, the first African American president in history. Term of office, he carried out the reform of medical insurance, prompted the resumption of economic growth, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the nuclear deal with Iran, promoting environmental legislation and approved the "Paris agreement" United Nations Climate change.

8 years later, when he was about to wave goodbye to the White House, Obama looked tired and gray, and the American society behind him was deeper and more evident than when he took office. The democratic and Republican parties almost like wrestling, is to create "the most ugly" in the history of the 2016 presidential election. From immigration to minority rights, gun control from the threat of terrorism, American society dispute difficult Hugh, wound healing.

8 years in office, Obama's approval ratings have been in a slump, but in the outgoing magically climbed to a new high. Undoubtedly, some of his political legacy will have a profound impact, but a part of the political heritage even in the new president took office ashes to ashes. As far as he is comparable with the outstanding person Abraham Lincoln, Franklin I, Thomas Jefferson, the president of the United States in, or with Zachary Taylor and John Taylor mediocre company, will also make conclusion from history.