When some people of Obama's farewell Chinese moved when the US media is another style

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When some people of Obama's farewell Chinese moved when the US media is another style

2017-01-12 00:45:55 207 ℃

Today, the White House for 8 years, President Obama made a number of people it seems very touching, very admirable "in his farewell speech" there are 10 days will be officially retiring days, and was more than Chinese network throughout the broadcast media.

In this speech, Obama talked about his 8 year rule of merit, such as racial conflict mitigation, the development of economy, the American democracy and great threats and challenges. Not only in the field of listening to his speech is a supporter of the applause round higher than in the Chinese some people on the network also warmly praised Obama is a good president for the people ", more American democracy and freedom like. By the way, they did not forget your country down".

However, in the United States, many of the media is not only for Obama's rhetoric was "no sense", and even feel a bit boring......

But why do they show a different reaction to the Internet users in China?

The reason is very simple: Although Obama himself is full of charisma, his speech always makes people full of excitement. eat melon, he even became one of the highest support rate of outgoing president in American history...... However, the reality of the United States today, but really hit Obama's face.

For example, Obama from the home of the "Chicago Tribune" relentlessly pointed out: Obama's 8 years basically the Democrats lose all lost light. He not only makes the widely optimistic Hilary in the presidential election defeat to the anti establishment of the faction of the party, but also to let the Democratic Party lost the majority of seats in the U.S. Congress, Trump.

Even in the United States election, the Democratic Party is also in full rout......

The newspaper also said ironically: if Obama really left the United States a "political legacy", that is, Trump. After all, it is Obama's problem in the past 8 years and many failed policies, Trump assists "counter attack".

On the economic and diplomatic level, Obama's performance is also very ugly. Fawkes News Network said that the United States basically destroyed the "productivity" of the United States, but also the role of the United States more and more marginalized in the world of Obama.

Although Fawkes is pro Republican media, but they are based on this argument. For example, when Obama in his farewell speech that the United States employment rate reached a record low of the past, many media and well-known universities have pointed out that Obama has a lot of job creation is "temporary" or "short-term", rather than what the real quality of employment opportunities.

Other employment growth is mostly in the medical and food fields. The employment growth in the medical industry is mainly originated from Obama's "medical reform" policy, but this policy because many Americans can not afford, are now to be because Trump......

Not to mention the US unemployment rate is a wonderful way of doing so, only when an unemployed person is actively looking for a job. That is to say, if you eat at home at all, you will not be credited with Obama, the lowest unemployment rate in 10 years now in the middle of the year.

This is probably the reason why Trump can rely on to create jobs for Americans to win the election. After all, if the employment prospects of Americans are really very good, he also picked this madman doing?

In addition, American political website Towhall.com, a Boston globe senior media person said that although Obama led the United States out of the subprime crisis, but it is in Obama's term, millions of Americans living below the poverty line, shall not receive government issued by the "food stamp" to live; the U.S. Treasury has doubled, reaching a record 20 trillion; and the American young people aged 18-34, the highest since the number of living with their parents in a house also set down in the "Great Depression".

In addition, the proportion of Americans who think that the middle class, from 63% when Obama came down to the current level of 51%.

On the diplomatic front, Obama not only failed to contain China's rise, and even Russia can not deal with. The Middle East has been stirred up by him a mess, Syria civil war fought for 5 years, Libya is a mess. This point, not only the American media have published an article in recent years by criticized him, and even other Western media also believe that he did poorly......

Among them, Obama in a recent foreign policy was "the face", is actually in the United States, Russia and Turkey reached a civil war in Syria and the absence of direct ceasefire......

At the social level, Obama declared that racial relations in the United States were more harmonious. However, ironically, when Obama published this speech before a few days, in Obama's hometown of Chicago, 4 black youths just live them on a white teenager beaten and abused in Facebook, and their motivation is for "hostile race".

This Obama mouth of the beautiful and the reality of the cruel to strongly collide, naturally became the news of the news network today, sarcasm, "farewell speech," a major point of fire, Fawkes.

So, it is no wonder that a political scholar at the Stanford University said in his commentary, although Obama talked a lot about democracy and human rights, this is easy to give "extremely excited", he even encouraged the whole society as long as it is not satisfied with the organized parades; although his speech is very rhythmic, his personal charm is also very strong; but as long as a long time, people will be "skinny reality": for example, by the sluggish economy, tearing society, Its loopholes appeared one after another. health care reform......

In the words of one American friend, many people like Obama, but most of them think that the United States is headed in the wrong direction".

As a result, the Americans voted against him in the November general election, and even chose a man who almost opposed Obama's policies and his party. This is why when some Chinese worship in Obama's speech, more Americans of his rhetoric, but had no sense.

If you agree with this point of view, it's a good point! (point to the bottom of the thumb