Global Times threatened South Korea? South Korea is "broken drum million pound", blame

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Global Times threatened South Korea? South Korea is "broken drum million pound", blame

2017-01-12 00:47:53 170 ℃

Author: Wang Dehua

China and South Korea on the topic of high fever, from last year has been burning this year, from the summer to winter. The Global Times editorial on the 7 ", adhere to lead into the North Korea will lead to a serious confrontation between China and South Korea" caused a strong rebound in South korea. 9 Korea Daily published in Beijing correspondent Li Jixing article said, "Global Times" said "let it be" threat to South korea".

He was guilty, but blame the global times on the head. Korean media lamented that the South Korean foreign "million people isolated and helpless broken drum beat," said the Department of Park Geun hye failed diplomacy gave, that South Korea and several people understand the culture. Isn't it?

South Korea is increasingly tight, South Korea 19 batches of cosmetics has not been allowed to enter China; the Chinese military aircraft into the South Korean Air Defense Identification Zone 8". Japan's ambassador to South Korea was recalled to protest the new Korean comfort women statue. South Korea's diplomacy can be described by the Chinese and Japanese plywood siege, almost forced to the edge of the cliff"

The United States, President elect Trump had decided to China, ambassador in Japan, but has not made the United States ambassador to South korea. This can be seen in the eyes of Trump, South Korea, even if there is, South Korea has not been placed in priority position."

South Korea "Beijing News" commented that the face from the United States, and Japan in the three countries with the largest influence on the Korean Peninsula diplomatic storm, South Korea has been in isolated and helpless situation.

Chinese in dealing with the neighbors always kind of restraint and patience, because after all, is "not move neighbors", Koreans mistakenly think that is in the China mouth in protest at it, thad in Korea until it slowly lost Chinese an established fact, by default, and also to continue in the Korean China earth smoothly, wantonly. But this time they underestimated the will of the Chinese government and people.

It is impossible for the Chinese government to disregard the security of the country in exchange for certain economic benefits and put the one billion and three hundred million people at risk. South Korean politicians if those experts also hold fluky psychology, continue to act as "containment Chinese assault team, finally only hit in the face of the south wall Chinese head broken and bleeding.

Since more than and 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations with China, South Korea from China to earn much money, how much profit? Now feel their wings hard, behind a big brother, you can do with china. China trade through diplomatic means has been to Norway, Mongolia and other countries give admit, believe in a little Han Guozhi not sick of it.

Uncle Sam wants to open a huge amount of light, strong light to others, but hidden their global offensive strategy. It has always been to their own point of view, to their core interests of the radius of the park. "The South Korean government to act as a stupid american pawn", finally only as a child abandoned, because the most understand "lose a pawn to save a castle". The United States to their allies is not hesitate, Turkey, Ukraine and Europe are the wave of refugees, bloody lessons.

The United States successfully in between China and South Korea to lay a solid. The Global Times said to Chinese the hearts of the people, "if South Koreans when the United States determined to pawn, it can not blame China not polite." "Maybe China and South Korea are doomed to go against the" Sade "problem, and then we'll go with the flow."

South Korea's luck is that China will fight against the United States and Japan had to win over South korea. The tiger is not angry thought it was a sick cat. Thad landing date is the breaking of diplomatic relations. This will be a protracted struggle, the Chinese people will let Korea see what is called toughness.

Report of Global Times editorial: adhere to lead the SA into the Han will lead to a serious confrontation between China and South Korea

South Korean Foreign Ministry officials met with Chinese ambassador to South Korea on the morning of 5, Qiu Guohong, on China's anti German action against the trend of Korea and other issues conveyed the position of the Korean government. South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe said at a press conference, the deployment of Sade anti missile system is a sovereign act and self defense measures, the South Korean government will adhere to the principle of national security unwavering. South Korean media have said that South Korea has done a good job of retaliation against China's preparations for retaliation.

Previously, 7 South Korean opposition party members China met with foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing, exchanging views on the "Sade" problem and Chinese measures had been accused of some South Korean media as "serve the power diplomacy". Some pro American Conservative MPs even said that this visit is "traitorous act".

It seems the South Korean government in the lead, into the Han ", is to come to a black, to strategic command in the United States," rushed to go ahead regardless of personal danger "when the pawn.

Traditionally, the Korean people are stubborn, but the major problem in such a pattern China and relates to the safety area, South Korea's "stubborn" is probably not bear the consequences.

This is not the nuclear issue between China and South Korea, it is a result of global strategy of the United States after World War ii. The United States this strategy from the cold war, is also a continuation of the logic of the cold war strategy of balance, so obvious to point to Chinese and russia. The South Korean government said the deployment of "Sade" belongs to "sovereignty" is completely irrational.

Sade is deployed by the U.S. military, the whole event is also under the manipulation of the United states. On the face of it is South Korea's "sovereign acts", in essence, it undermines the sovereignty of China and other countries.

South Korea is worried about becoming a target for North Korea's nuclear weapons, is not worried about their own tightly tied to the U. S. chariot, will completely change its position in the strategic competition between China and the United States? In this game, the play is the offshore remote control, South Korea has become the victim of this game. Sadly, South Korea also believes that they are more secure, rather than feel more risk.

In the "Sade" issue, the South Korean government seriously underestimated China's will. In recent years, the rapid development of economic and trade relations between China and South Korea, China popular Korean, Korea Tourism Chinese millions more. Some South Koreans may be proud of the fact that it has more initiative in relations with China, the results of maintaining the relationship between China and South Korea, Beijing is more sought after in Seoul.

Around the "Sade" conflict is likely to lead to a comprehensive confrontation between China and South korea. If some Koreans have opinions, the opinions of the Chinese will be greater. China people not to say their principles, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is very clear! They did not forget the war more than and 60 years ago, never forget Chinese and pay for peace on the peninsula of the blood and the life cost. In the United States often borrow the South China Sea, the Taiwan issue in Chinese around the trouble of the South Korea, but to help the United States a helping hand, help the United States to engage in strategic advance ", we can not be such a friend in korea.

This is an American attempt to contain China's big game, if South Korea choose to stand on the side of the United States, the Chinese people will firmly support the country to take drastic measures to make South Korea feel pain. Even if it means a price for us, we are so.

There is an old Chinese saying, "don't hit the South wall". These people will eventually understand South Korea, strategic command orders from the American Bar, at the expense of relations with South Korea neighbors so closely the interests, is the real "traitorous act to serve the country" "".

China has never taken any country as its own strategic pawn, China has been trying to persuade South Korea, do not regard themselves as others. China has been through a variety of ways, all aspects of the consequences, hope that South Korea can realize the deployment of "Sade" will make a big mistake. In the "Sade", South Korea is best not to have luck, Chinese may not like some Korean scholars and politicians expected, will eventually swallow the bitter pill. If South Korea is determined to be a pawn in the United States, you can't blame China for being rude.