Ban Ki-moon, is this the end?

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Ban Ki-moon, is this the end?

2017-01-12 00:51:09 147 ℃

Just as Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has previously said "willing to vow to serve the country" is.outsideAs a potential candidate for South Korean president.We want toAfter the fallIn South Korea, but did not expect to realize the ambition of politics, corruption case involving his family. 10, 2009, Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew on suspicion of bribery was formally indicted by the federal court in New York.

According to Reuters reported on 11, the court of New York on the grounds of bribery to Ban Ki-moon's brother Pan Jishang and nephew of the charges against the accused, 10. Up to 39 pages of court documents show that Pan Jishang and his son, Mr Pan Zhouxian, are suspected of conspiring to bribe officials in the middle east. The report did not disclose more details of the case.

But the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) said the disclosure of the case, the Attorney General of Manhattan at the beginning of 2013, bharara said a South Korean construction company kyongnam enterprise debt, trying to sell a building in Vietnam, commissioned by the pan's son to help the agency business, building the price up to $800 million, a commission for millions of dollars. Pan Jishang was a consultant to the company, while his son, Pan Zhouxian, opened a real estate broker in Manhattan.

Pan's son took "live" in the future, in New York during the general assembly of the United Nations for meeting with the Middle East countries closeted politicians contributed to this, with millions of dollars in bribes of a country in the Middle East officials, to the government officials to use sovereign wealth funds to buy Kyungnam enterprise construction projects.

The BBC reported screenshot

According to Yonhap news agency, it ultimately failed to make the trip, Kyungnam enterprises also in 2015 officially entered bankruptcy proceedings, the president of Dutch act. Yonhap also said that the countries of the Middle East is qatar.

The Manhattan attorney general bharara alleges that this so-called "bribery and fraud program violated all people believe that honest and transparent business, and reminds us to bring New York international corruption will face the United States law enforcement review". Currently, Pan's father and son were charged with corruption, money laundering and other charges.

The Yonhap news agency reported.

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