The energy | Kissinger came back for Trump whether he got what?

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The energy | Kissinger came back for Trump whether he got what?

2017-01-12 00:52:52 152 ℃

1Two Jews by Trump

Beside Trump, there are two very important for Trump's Jews, their impact should not be overlooked. One is Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who helped Trump on the economic and diplomatic level. Another is Henry Kissinger, who in the global strategic thinking for the planning of the state of Trump.

36 year old Kushner, aged 71, at the age of 93, was at the age of years old. Mr. Kissinger

British Times reported the day before, Trump intends to appoint the 93 year old former Secretary of state Kissinger helped restart relations with russia.

Henry Kissinger, a senior American diplomat and strategist of the nine year old, recently frequent exchanges in New York and Beijing, and has repeatedly met with Donald Trump.

Trump is an unprecedented phenomenon in the outside world, I believe that he has a great opportunity to become a compelling president in American history.

-- Kissinger

Mr Kissinger is planning a big game - the current world chess strategy.<1Two3>

2Kissinger admitted that the routine: Russia's sphere of influence for Russia to easeKissinger in the early 90s had known Putin, when Putin became president in 2000, Kissinger has repeatedly visited Russia, most recently in February 2016.

Putin's vision is very broad, he is able to penetrate into the inside of things, from the Russian history to analyze the problem. He is a sober calculation of Russia's national interests.

-- Kissinger

Mr. Kissinger suggested that Trump to stop the current government of Russia's strategic pressure on Russia, and to recognize the scope of the interests of Russia, in order to ease the relationship between the United States and Russia, the relationship between the United States and Russia in.

The recognition of Russia's sphere of influence, including the Soviet republics, and the Eastern European countries of the socialist camp in the past, is what the Moscow Kremlin. But it is also likely to offend some small countries. But for Henry Kissinger, all of these small countries are just pieces on his board. These pieces can be used, but also can give up. All this is for a greater strategic interest, of course, the first national strategic interests of the United states.

One of Trump's strategic goals is to make America stronger. Trump had some preliminary, fragmentary ideas. But if you put it on Kissinger's board, it will be clearer. Kissinger, for example, has said that Russia's annexation of Crimea is not appropriate, but that Russia's purpose is not to conquer the world. The implication is that said Crimea is Russia's sphere of influence.<12Three>


Fighting? America's deeply anti Russian sentimentKissinger said his reason. But the problem is that countries like Poland, Belarus and Ukraine are independent, but they are eager to get out of russia.

But at present, the United States is speeding up by Germany, to rush to transport military supplies to Poland, in the military to suppress russia. All this is open to challenge Trump, even in the face to Trump. So after Trump became president and served as commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States, how did he deal with the anti Russian sentiment in the US Army? This will be a serious test of Trump.

To prevent the Russian aggression, U.S. troops arrived in January 8th 87 tanks, 144 vehicles and a large number of heavy force to Germany Bremen haven port.

At the same time, is taking a wait-and-see attitude, but also a little schadenfreude in Moscow Kremlin I also can't wait to see Trump in the White House after taking over the president of the United States Obama of Russia, more friendly and more friendly attitude.

However, such a gesture, can not be reduced from the reality of Russia is currently facing this strategic pressure? All this is still an unknown.


United States, Russia and China in the United States can not appearRecently, some people would like to see, by Kissinger's plan or by the implementation of the so-called "United Russia and China in the United States," I would like to assert that such a situation is unlikely to occur in.

In the 50s of last century, when Mr. Kissinger was studying in Harvard University, his famous doctoral thesis laid the most basic pattern of his diplomatic thought and strategic thought. There must be a balance between the great powers. Balance can keep peace and prevent war.

Kissinger's idea is basically positive, positive. Because he is a witness of World War II, he also saw the eve of World War II, due to the absence of a balance of power, resulting in the rise of Nazi Germany, led to the second world war.

So, Kissinger, as Nixon's national security adviser and Secretary of state, is committed to promoting the balance between the United States, Soviet Union, China, to prevent the Soviet Union bigger.

In November 10, 1973, Zhou Enlai in Beijing hosted Kissinger

Today, it is also a balance. Only by maintaining balance, the interests of the United States can be maintained, the United States is likely to be strong again.

Editor: Wang Chen bean