Obama delivered a tearful farewell speech

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Obama delivered a tearful farewell speech

2017-01-12 00:57:57 144 ℃

President Obama has just concluded his last official speech in his eight years as president. Tonight he returned to his political career in Chicago, where thousands of spectators and tens of millions of television viewers, officially to the American public, "goodbye".

In less than one hour speech, Obama briefly reviewed some of his administration has made achievements, including economic recovery, the new health care law, promoting gay rights, kill the Laden, since the establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

In his speech, Obama spent more time on the current crisis and the challenges facing American society. He pointed out that at the time of economic development, polarization intensified, become social inequality; he also pointed out that although the United States on the issue of racial equality has made great progress, but there still exist a sharp contradiction between ethnic hatred of immigrants, is a huge threat to social progress; the third is the most harmful problem that is the increasingly fierce partisan and ideological differences, so that people are no longer willing to listen to different opinions, the loss of the ability to listen.

When talking about the extremist threat of terrorist attacks, Obama reminded the audience that ISIS will be destroyed, but in the fight against terrorism, the United States "to be alert, but do not fear," don't sacrifice our founding beliefs and values.

Then Obama reminds, build a healthy democracy, needs everyone's participation, he called on all action, to do their civic responsibility to encourage young people to use their action to change society.

At the end of the speech, Obama thanked his family, vice president Biden, and with his staff, emotional place, full of tears.

Finally, he used his campaign slogan 8 years ago to end his farewell speech: Yes We Can, yes we did, yes we can, Thank you!"