Obama farewell speech: the most proud of this life is to have two daughters! (audio link)

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Obama farewell speech: the most proud of this life is to have two daughters! (audio link)

2017-01-12 00:59:32 163 ℃

U.S. time on Tuesday night, Obama in his hometown of Chicago farewell speech, review the past and look forward to the future.

Farewell speech is the outgoing president of the Convention, however, "James Obama will address the venue in Chicago, because Chicago is the real starting point of his life, where his most enthusiastic supporters.

At the beginning of the speech, the enthusiastic audience shouted: "do it for four years! Four more years! (four more years), Obama replied with a smile: "no ah! (I can& apos; t do that.) "United States law, the president of the United States can not exceed two term, whether or not.

When it comes 10 days after Trump became president of the United States, a chorus of boos. Obama quickly stopped: "NO, NO, NO..." Obama said that the peaceful transition of power is a sign of American democracy".

Nearly one hour speech, Obama did not forget a China satire is a rogue state, alluding to Chinese bullying its neighbors.

Rivals like Russia China cannot our around the world we up we stand for influence, and turn into just another big country that bullies smaller or neighbors. unless (ourselves give what)

American competitors, such as Chinese, Russia, on the world can never compete with us, unless the United States abandons its defense (value), put yourself into a bully with neighboring countries.

Americans defend the value and system, both recruit and hate. Because, once again stressed the role of the United States and the superiority of the model, can make this increasingly diverse world more harmonious?

8 year term is coming to an end, Obama a little emotional, tears in the speech repeatedly. He thanked the way his wife accompanied, called her "best friend" in life, praised her elegance and fortitude, grace and humor". He thanked the vice president Joe Biden, said he is "best partner" and "brother".

Obama emotionally to the two daughters "confession","The most proud achievement of my life is to be your father!" (Of all I 've in my life, I' m proud to be your dad.) in,

Obama said: I first came to Chicago or the age of 20, when I was still confused, still looking for the meaning of life."

Today, Chicago is still Chicago, Obama is not the Obama.

Looking for the meaning of life of young people, may wish to listen to Obama's farewell speech.

This is a very precious audio speech, take!

Download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1c14oyuG

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