Philippines's anti crime group wants former president Aquino to be jailed

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Philippines's anti crime group wants former president Aquino to be jailed

2017-03-14 22:49:48 279 ℃

In Philippines, the fight against crime and corruption of volunteers hope suspected of plundering the political spoils of gold before President Aquino III in the year of imprisonment, also in the hope that this year Philippines's director Mora Lee J impeachment.

In Philippines, the fight against crime and corruption volunteer lawyers said Du Bashou, after the former justice minister, Senator Lili accused incumbent female horse drug-related and detained, the organization has been targeted to former president Aquino; the organization also plans to sue the supervision director Mora Lee J of prosecution and Adjudication in serious delay.

Lawyer Du Bashou said in a statement: "the fight against crime and corruption of the legal team volunteers weave order is very clear: the behind" pork scandal gold "the former president Aquino III and all the other people in prison; and impeachment supervision of Philippines director Mora Lee J, two things must be completed within this year."

Mora Lee J on Tuesday revoked the case of former president Aquino and vice minister of budget for alleged illegal execution of 72 billion pesos in 2011, 2012 and in 2013 to accelerate the implementation of the case plan.

Former Deputy Minister of the budget department is the only official charged with illegal implementation of accelerated spending plan.

A former justice minister, Senator Li Ma Philippines police department arrested drug-related trading detention detention

The Philippines Ombudsman has an administrative prosecution against former president Aquino on the grounds that he is not in a position to exercise jurisdiction because he was behind his resignation. In addition, Leizhou was also did bugs just revoked the administrative prosecution, because of lack of justification.

Mora Lee J was appointed director of in 2011 when he was appointed president of the Philippines.

In the Mora Lee J administration under the Philippines supervision department put forward a lot of Philippines pork scandal and gold charges were delayed.

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