Foreign media: Andouble faces double scandal fear into the most serious crisis since taking office

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Foreign media: Andouble faces double scandal fear into the most serious crisis since taking office

2017-03-19 07:04:28 152 ℃

Reference News Network reported on March 17thBritish media said, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at any time have been rare to fifth years, and now he is trying to deal with the two scandal, one is the relationship between the school and he was in a low price purchase scandal, two is the defense minister facing calls to step down.

According to Reuters reported on March 17th, analysts said the scandal so that Andouble fell into the worst crisis since the 2012 re emergence, it may further erode his approval rate. Andouble's current approval rating of around 50%.

The report also said that the scandal has weakened his image as the leader of the longest serving prime minister in Japan, even though most political experts believe he can remain in power.

"I think his long term (Prime Minister) term dream began to break," says Morita, an independent political analyst at Minoru.

Said Andouble, President of the Liberal Democratic Party as the ruling party's term will expire in 2018, but a provision in the adjustment of the means, he is now able to third consecutive terms, as a result, as long as the LDP still maintain the status of the ruling party, Andouble will continue to serve as prime minister.

The latest scene around the persistent fermentation of the campus scandal is that the Japanese cabinet chief spokesman, 16, said Abe's wife Andouble Akimegumi did not personally name to the friends of the friends of the school to donate.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei also said on the 16 day, Andouble himself not to, nor through donations, including his wife, third party donations to school.

Previously, the opposition parties in Congress, said Goke Yasunori, director of the friends of the forest academy had told them, in 2015, Andouble Akimegumi donated 1 million yen. Andouble Akimegumi served as the honorary president of the school, but cut off the connection after the scandal broke.

The cage is Taidian pool of Japanese right-wing nationalist groups "conference in Japan (Nippon Kaigi)" members, he has a close relationship with Andouble and his cabinet, he will be 23 in congressional testimony.

"Unless the opposition parties put the good hand smashed or Andouble may be the great damage..." Koichi Nakano professor of political science at Sophia University said, "this is because of Andouble's lack of other ways to get rid of this crisis, but people have started to doubt whether he really can't be beat."

Reported that Andouble has denied that he or his wife and the school land scandal, the school curriculum to instill the kind of patriotic education before World War ii. Andouble has said he will resign if there is evidence that he and his wife are involved.

Abe Shinzo, a member of the defence minister, has also been implicated in the case of Mr Inada Tomomi, who had previously thought that Mr. Chen would be the future Prime Minister of Japan, and that she was a political disciple of Mr.

Inada Tomomi 16, launched a special investigation, after the media reported that the defense ministry officials tried to hide the deterioration of the security situation of the southern Sultan show log; Japan's self defense forces in southern Sultan in the UN led peacekeeping operations.

The Japanese government announced last week that the SDF will end their mission at the end of May, but denied that the security situation in southern Sultan affected the decision.

Reported that opposition lawmakers have called for Inada Tomomi to resign, after she had to modify the relationship between Inada Tomomi and Sen friends of the school, the members have targeted her.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei said that he wants Inada Tomomi to investigate as soon as possible. Kan Yi Wei said, if the report is true, then the public confidence in the defense and self defense forces will be severely affected."

February 28, 2017, Tokyo, Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and his wife at the airport to visit the emperor to see off.