European experts: South Korea or will follow the footsteps of Philippines to improve relations with China

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European experts: South Korea or will follow the footsteps of Philippines to improve relations with China

2017-03-19 07:05:21 114 ℃

Spain China policy observation website on March 15th published "South Korea will follow the footsteps of Philippines? "One article, the author is a Spanish expert on China Julio Rios. The article said that Philippines's president Duthel Te recently said that the resumption of serious damage to its relations with China during the reign of his predecessor, Aquino III, was the right decision.

October 20, 2016, Philippines President Duthel Te visits China

The article said that during the term of Aquino III, the most destructive relationship between China and Philippines is the sovereignty of China in the South China sea. But Duthel Te has decided to open a new page in the relationship between China and philippines. In October last year, the Chinese made a four day state visit to china. In less than six months, China imported more than 200 thousand tons of tropical fruit from Philippines, with about 1000 Chinese tourists traveling to Philippines.

The article said, but it is clear that things will not be smooth. Recent remarks by Philippines's defense minister Delfin Lorenzana have triggered some friction with china. Loren Za Na recently said that from July to December last year, the Philippine army suspected through the China investigation ship Baynham waters rise. Baynham seamounts in disputed waters, Philippines claims sovereignty over the Benham rise.

The article said that, in any case, the relationship between the two countries to improve the trend of small details must be based on the controversy and focus on the common interests of both sides. A year ago, no one could have thought that the bilateral relations between China and the Philippines would bring about a major change after Duthel Te took office. In the end, Zijin Mountain's new China commerce minister visited Philippines last week, hosted the Philippine bilateral economic and Trade Joint Committee meeting, and met with Philippine finance minister and other cabinet ministers, this is the first visit to the Zijin Mountain as the Minister of commerce.

The article said that in the constitutional court in the South Korea in the wake of the incident after being caught up in the post office of the case of Park Geun hye impeachment, South Korea will follow the footsteps of Philippines do? In recent months, relations between China and South Korea have quickly become tense as South Korea has agreed to deploy a "de Sade" anti missile system in its territory. South Korea against North Korea as an excuse to stir up trouble, insist on cooperation with the United States Department of internal environment in Han thad ", lead to serious damage in close cooperation relationship between China and South Korea, South Korea and the United States have prompted North Korea road in nuclear weapons and missile farther.

The article said that after Pu Jinhui was dismissed, South Korea is expected to be held in May presidential election. A survey of presidential candidates, the current leader is the largest opposition party to former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin. The analysis thinks, Wen zaiyin if elected, will tend to focus on the dialogue "sunshine policy", which will help ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and to repair relations with South Korea and Chinese damaged. This paper served as former president Roh Moo-hyun in the assistant, he supported the "sunshine policy in dealing with North korea".

The article said that Pu Jinhui's successor's important mission, including the Korean Peninsula to cool the situation, to promote the resumption of negotiations on denuclearization of the peninsula, to curb the militarization of the region to upgrade the trend. In dealing with relations with China, South Korea is likely to follow the footsteps of Philippines.