The country has just changed its mandate, and the attorney general has stepped down

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The country has just changed its mandate, and the attorney general has stepped down

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Li Yuqing, editor of the book, Li Yan

Recently, the government knows (WeChat ID:upolitics) has been concerned about a small country, Romania.

The reason is simple, because of a change of government, the Minister of Justice announced his resignation.

This matter has been fermented for more than a month, in February 10th, the Minister of European affairs in Romania was appointed Deputy Minister of justice. By February 23rd, the new government of Romania to complete the first reorganization, the 4 ministers were sworn in, including the new minister of justice, former constitutional court judge Tudorrell Toadel.

January 31st, the government of Romania to amend the criminal law through the emergency decree, the government of the abuse of power and other acts of how to investigate the criminal responsibility of re defined. This decree came out, the people of Romania fried pot, in the capital Bucharest, hundreds of thousands of people gathered for several days of demonstrations, and even the slogan "we come every day".

Don't underestimate the fuse, the parade is believed to be in Romania in the past 30 years the largest demonstrations, which led directly to the Romania Department of justice minister, despite the demands of the people is the resignation of the government, the prime minister to resign.

Don't full of prison officials shield one another off

The emergency decree in the end why provoke outrage, lead the masses so much reaction? In short, it's a shame for the corrupt officials.

According to foreign media reports, the law is mainly for abuse of power and other acts of how to investigate the criminal responsibility to be redefined. The provisions of the act, official corruption involving less than 200 thousand if the amount of Leu (about 320 thousand yuan), will not be sentenced to imprisonment; related crime was sentenced to 5 years following people may get amnesty; have children, the wife is pregnant or over 60 years old, can be granted half sentence. At the same time, also expressed the hope that the economic losses caused by abuse of less than 44 thousand euros only recourse for damages, no longer be investigated for criminal liability.

The most interesting thing is that the Romania government said it was to solve the problem of overcrowding in prisons.

In the face of public opinion can not be stopped, the Prime Minister of Romania Sorin Greendeanu in February 2nd so hard, said the government would not cancel the emergency decree, but the 4 day announced that it would withdraw the decree. But this does not quell the uproar, people still asked the government to step down. Prime Minister Sorin February 5th made clear will not resign, we see that as a minister of justice.

Some critics said, because Romania left Social Democrats at the end of 2016, has just won the election, it will also be interpreted as part of a case body is a political figure from the legal punishment and tailored, especially makes the Social Democratic Party leader dragnea benefit.

Dragnea because in the 2012 election to election fraud in prison, there are two years of probation, the probation before the end of may not post in the government office. Once the formal implementation of the crime, he is likely to be able to work in the prime minister's office second days.

Therefore, the people of the flat, the government's move will condone officials embezzlement of public funds, but also because of the authority of this kind of crime for the green light of anger.

In February 5th, the Romania government issued a press release, announced that the day has officially canceled the controversial emergency decree.

Collusion: government procurement kaixiaozao

You go after finished my debut, when officials shield one another?

The reason to make a law can lead to suspicion, protest, or background in dark officialdom corruption "tribute", do not want to do the wrong thing you don't knock the ghost.

Romania's corruption is never a secret.

The European Commission has issued an anti-corruption investigation report in 2014, said political corruption in Romania is very serious. 28 members of the EU, Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in the country, 93% of people think that corruption is very common, 25% of people said there are officials bribes in the past year. In particular, government procurement is the hardest hit by corruption, many officials and businessmen collude with each other to carry out illegal interests.

Senior officials involved in corruption sacked tiger, who can also open a zoo.

In March 2016, the Central Commission for discipline inspection official forwarded Xinhua "Romania: anti-corruption storm next year to do a thousand cases" pointed out that only in 2015, Romania's national anti corruption Bureau filed a lawsuit against the 1250 "major corruption", which relates to a former Prime Minister and former Minister of 5.

Among them, the greedy money to buy the former Minister of finance has been dubbed the old Qing Qing, like Picasso.

In March 2015, when he was finance minister Darius Vallejov during 2011 to 2013 due to suspected, will use as the mayor of the city Slatina south, accepting $2 million 100 thousand in bribes by the prosecution investigation. Romania prosecutors, investigators at Val Geoff in Bucharest and the southern city of Slatina house, seized a total of 101 paintings, including three pictures signed Pablo Picasso paintings. At the same time, the Anti Corruption Commission said there was evidence that the paintings were purchased indirectly by Val Geoff using the proceeds of a suspicious transaction.

Val Geoff was also accused of Corruption Commission was the first incumbent of the Romania government.

The lack of supervision of judicial power: Romania is more anti corruption

In addition to corruption, the contest between political parties is considered to be one of the reasons for the resignation of the Minister of justice. Some critics said that the current implementation of representative democracy in Romania, the ruling and opposition struggle is fierce.

After the decree storm occurred, Johannes, President of Romania in the second days of government decree sent a letter to prime minister Green Dei Ianu, asked him to repeal the decree.

As the protests escalated, the main parliamentary opposition National Liberal Party and the Alliance Party members save Romania announced the no confidence motion against the government, the parliament then minimum the opposition People's party support movement. Chulkan, President of the National Liberal Party, expressed the hope that this action will force the government to fall, ahead of the general election. He stressed that the National Liberal Party will firmly support President Johannes's actions to defend the law.

All this palace fighting story, was interpreted as the president of the National Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party of political ferment.

Under the chaos, people can not help but wonder, Romania is a "magic" of the country?

Shenzhen satellite TV broadcast "noon 30 points" pointed out that the Romania century at the beginning of 90s embarked on the road of democratization, there are 28 members of the European Union in the lowest level of economic development, the highest degree of state corruption.

But it is interesting and paradoxically, although the Romania social corruption problem is serious, but can not say that Romania's anti-corruption power shortage, in fact Romania's anti-corruption work in the world is often very aggressive. The competent authorities of Romania's anti-corruption work is an organization called anti-corruption command, once they stare at people who are usually not run out, the conviction rate as high as 92%. But there are also criticized Romania's anti-corruption using a very means.

"People's Daily" at the end of 2014 issued a "Romania judicial corruption impact social justice bottom line" said justice is the last defense of social justice, judicial corruption is the biggest corruption for a society, all the rules will lead to the bottom line. The interviews with experts, Romania anti-corruption former Justice Department official Laura Stephen, he said Romania judicial corruption is so rampant, mainly because of the judicial power has not been effective supervision and restriction.

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