The supersonic fighter Chinese airspace brazenly invaded the PLA will think: the reversal of chaos footing

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The supersonic fighter Chinese airspace brazenly invaded the PLA will think: the reversal of chaos footing

2016-07-21 01:00:44 484 ℃

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Lead: at the end of the eighties of the last century, Vietnam by Sino Soviet rupture purchased a large number of Soviet equipment, ready to go fetch to deal with China, of which the most advanced equipment to Vietnam equipment MIG 21 aircraft, at that time, the maximum flight speed can reach Mach 2 fighter has been considered is very advanced, Vietnam war with have advanced weapons once despised China many times sent MiG - 21 invaded our territory.

The MIG -21 fighters is the former Soviet Union, is a single seat single light supersonic fighter. The production capacity of the aircraft reached more than 6000, the flight speed of up to 2 Maher, the air combat capability is very prominent. The MiG-21 aircraft maximum take-off weight of 9600 kilograms, a P-13 turbojet engine, thrust (maximum afterburner) 5100/6600 kilograms, maximum level flying speed 2.1 times the speed of sound, practical ceiling 18400 meters, machine oil range of 1300 kilometers, 270 km radius of the combat, the bomb carrying capacity: 1000 grams. During the Vietnam War, MiG-21 all day in Vietnam over swagger, and American F-4 close air combat repeatedly achieved victory. Therefore, the MIG -21 fighters are highly concerned about the world.

Has just fought back the expansion of the United States of Vietnam, Vietnam, the army is also more proud of the army. So they will use performance excellence to MIG -21 fighters assault China. Fortunately, China in the early prevention and control system has been equipped with a red flag -2, such a modern missile.In May 1987, the Chinese border deployed China produces the red flag - 2 anti-aircraft missile system, when the Vietnamese army still immersed in their own world, unknown.

Seeking truth from facts, at that time China's air defense weapons are relatively backward, mainly equipped with red flag -2 air defense missile system for the time of China is already more advanced weapons. It is in the "red flag 1" based on the expansion of the airspace to improve the ability to resist interference and improve the performance of the use of combat. Is a specially designed air defense missile against air defense. Maximum speed: 1250 M / s, maximum range: 35000 meters, maximum height: 27000 meters, reload time: 10 ~ 15 minutes. Which means that China began to develop its own air defense missile.

Early in October 1987, the army a MIG 21p type reconnaissance aircraft after taking off, up to 800 kilometers per hour speed to fly directly into our territory, and a Chinese missile battalion had already been good red flag - 2 missile, for delivery of their fighters. And confident full of Vietnamese military repeatedly over the airspace of our border violations, stationed in the officers and soldiers of the border has long been ready, with the old general at the behest of "give me play down!" ,When the MIG -21 third invasion, I was in the red flag -2 missile, the pilot was captured on the spot. The Vietnamese army did not think of how they opinionated MiG-21 will be our Chinese missile destroyed, this result greatly affected the Vietnamese military.

But the MIG -21 is indeed a good fighter. With the development of technology, many countries have improved the MIG -21. However, each country has its own unique thinking, improve the program naturally different. Such as Russia, the name for the MIG 2193 improvement scheme. Mainly is installed "javelin" (also translated as "spear" KOPYO) airborne radar, the largest search distance of 57 km, under optic distance of 35 kilometers, maximum fighting a distance of 45 km. The radar can track while scan, can track and combat multiple targets at the same time. The other improvement is mainly for the 21st backward electronic equipment such as mig. While the Israeli name for the MIG 212000 improvement scheme. It is mainly aimed at the problem of backward electronic equipment, Israel will be replaced by the West or Israel's domestic products.

The MIG -21 itself is a good fighter, just use it to attack Chinese Vietnam was a mistake. Any weapons to China for invading my airspace of the national task even more advanced, we are not afraid of, is the so-called I am committed to the Chinese though much will punish, applicationPutin had said a word is"The territory shall not be negotiated, but war. To forgive him is God's work, my task is to send him to God!" Now China troops for the invading enemy without mercy, after all our sacred territory.


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