Not only eat Steamed Buns eats the truth of the soldiers fighting the flood

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Not only eat Steamed Buns eats the truth of the soldiers fighting the flood

2016-07-21 21:43:29 417 ℃

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Recent floods raging, the South disaster continues

The rainfall northward, the North floods

Tens of thousands of police officers rushed to the flood line

You see our officers and men from the news.

In this way

In this way

And this is the way.

And so

When fighting the most intense, the soldiers could live and eat in the levee. But the flood relief is troops dispatched institution, in military logistics department and local government efforts, the soldiers meals, health care and other support most of the very place.

Today, Xiaobian take you to see the troops behind the levee temporary camp

A temporary camp is located in the local campus

A temporary camp outside the sentinel mosquito

Uniform temporary quarters

Sanitary bathroom with temporary building

Bathroom facilities clean and uniform

Clean and sanitary tent Restaurant

Uniform seasoning

The local masses condolences crayfish

Delicious food is delivered in a timely manner levee

Fresh fruit to supplement nutrition

Each camp has a temporary medical point

Common disease can be treated in time

Medical daily rounds

Additional flood clothing for frontline soldiers

All this

In order to flood fighting enduring

Producer: Yang Min, Sun Yandong, Liu Fengqiao

Picture producer: Liu Haishan

Editor in chief: Li Zengrui, Wang Wen

Editor: Wei Guorong, Wang Huawei, Li Yang


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