South Korea after the deployment of the latest polls nearly half of the people think that China is the most important

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South Korea after the deployment of the latest polls nearly half of the people think that China is the most important

2016-07-22 05:55:41 411 ℃

Yesterday, a South Korean former TV to shame China to stimulate the reader a larger response, but also reflects the recent Sino Korean relations due to the "SA de" system and the problems occurred in some fluctuations. In 21, the Japanese media has presented such a news: after the cooperation between the two countries conducted by the two agencies of public opinion poll results released in July 20th. Results show that, although China and South Korea relations between the two countries near by Sade missile decoration effects, but respondents Koreans think "China" of the country's most main proportion still nearly half, ranks first in.

In this poll, on the question of which country is the most important for their own country, the Korean side to respond to China's largest, accounting for 47.1%. More than 7.3 percentage points higher than the "United States". At the same time, the Japanese side to reply to the United States as high as 65.9%, while the choice of China's only 8%.

For this data, polls intervention Japanese non-profit collective "speech NPO" responsible for artificial tengtai chronicles hinted that compared to most Japanese face with South Korea alliance, in South Korea to face up to the relations with China and the trend is still relatively more of.

July 2, 2014, the South Korean public in meeting in front of the Embassy of the people's Republic of China stationed in South Korea, reception visit to the ROK President Xi Jinping, banners "Diaoyu Island is Chinese territory"

In addition, the poll also concern since last year on the problem of relations between Japan and South Korea reached a consensus after the issue of comfort women.

The results show that Japan and South Korea in the other countries have a certain position of the proportion of the population has increased, Japan is 29.1%, South Korea is 21.3%. But at the same time, the proportion of Koreans who have a bad impression of Japan is 61%. Although more than 11.5 percentage points lower than last year, but still accounted for more than half. On the other hand, the proportion of Korean people with bad impression also cut 7.8 percentage points, down to 44.6%.

The two agencies said that the two countries were impressed with each other, reflecting the political relations between Korea and Japan showed a improvement". But the differences of opinion on the comfort women peace talks have a greater impact on the public impression. Li Shuzhong, director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, suggested that this is mainly because of the Korean comfort women in South Korea, there is no inverse of the comfort women have a greater veto.

According to Korea and Japan in December 2015 is the comfort women issue reachs the peace talks, Japan the comfort women issue for South Korea to apologize and to the relevant fund funded 10 billion yen. At the same time, the two countries confirmed that the comfort women issue to obtain the final and not to solve the problem.

The public query visit by Japanese folk non profit group "speech NPO" and the Korea Research Institute of East Asian in 6-7 months of this year, with the implementation of in Japan and South Korea Song select the 1000 respondents.