Sino US Russian fighter aircraft engine performance ranking in China for many years?

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Sino US Russian fighter aircraft engine performance ranking in China for many years?

2016-08-02 01:08:44 1956 ℃

A lot of people know that for a fighter aircraft and aircraft engines is a very important component, if there is no best engine, then fighter maneuvering performance and many operation will be restricted, and the current can have more powerful engine of the country is not much, so developed engine also won't have much. In the field of fighter engine, the three countries in the United States and Russia has a more prominent ability.

First name: F135 turbofan engine

F135 turbo fan engine by the United States Platt · Whitney Company developed a new type of engine, the maximum thrust of more than 18 tons (40 thousand F135 turbo fan engine). F-135 engine is developed on the basis of the development of F-119. Due to the Marine Corps and the Royal Navy is expected to adopt the F-35B must be able to take off and landing, so F-135 can also be coupled with the downward bent of the vector thrust nozzle.

The F135 engine push than 10.5, afterburner thrust of 19 tons of level, the army pushed the 13 ton class, quality of 1700 kg, the 19 tons of afterburning thrust is not any actual aircraft and equipment of afterburning turbofan engine can match. But it is worth mentioning that, F135 relative to F119 although the thrust greatly improved, but in fact is the same core machine based on the use of flow, high speed performance for thrust. Although F135 thrust is outstanding, but its high performance is declining.

Second: F119 turbofan engine

F119 is PU & middot; Hui for the fourth generation fighter developed advanced dual rotor afterburning turbofan engine and its design goal is: no afterburning supersonic cruise capability, non routine maneuver and STOL capabilities, stealth capabilities (i.e. low infrared and radar signal characteristics) and life cycle cost reduce at least 25%, the number of parts is reduced by about 40% to 60%, thrust to weight ratio increased 20%, durability increased two times, the service life of parts extend is 50%. In the early 1980s to determine the cycle parameters range: bypass ratio from 0.2 to 0.3; total pressure than 23 to 27, turbine inlet temperature 1577~1677 DEG C 1850K~1950K; throttle than 1.10~1.15.

Main new technologies adopted in the F119: three-dimensional viscous turbomachinery design method, whole leaf disc structure, high turbulence mobility strongly swirling main combustion chamber head, floating wall of combustion chamber structure and a high and low pressure turbine turn in the opposite direction, integral afterburner combustion chamber design, binary vector nozzle and the third generation of dual redundancy FADEC. furthermore, also by the heat treatment of turbine disk, flame retardant titanium alloy alloy C, external culvert machine box of high temperature resin based materials and ceramic matrix composites or carbon carbon material of some static structure resistance to temperature 1070~1100 DEG C of the third generation single crystal turbine blade materials, bisexual

Third: AL-41 turbofan engine

The AL-41F engine is lyulka - Saturn Corp's products will become Russia's fifth generation fighter general engine. The engine's development is based on the left Card Design Bureau developed the al-31 series, started in 1985 to develop, the chief designer is car Dr. King. In order to meet the requirements of the fifth generation fighter, AL-4lF thrust is increased by a big margin, the largest state thrust of approximately 12000 kg (117.6 KN), afterburner thrust of the general argument is not less than 17857 kg (175 KN), the specific figures have 18500 kg (1.813 KN) and 20000 thousand grams (196 KN) statement.

No matter what kind of data, AL-41F of afterburning thrust are higher than f119-pw-100 (F-22A engine) of 16000 kg (156 AL-41F-1S (117s) engine KN), according to Russian standard calculation of the thrust weight ratio of more than 11 (in accordance with the standards of the United States is about 10). But with the F119 engine can not be compared. Because the F119 engine is based on the life design, to ensure 12000 hours of life. The AL-41F engine is designed to increase the thrust of the engine at the expense of life. We have no data on the life expectancy of AL-41F.

Fourth: WS-15 turbofan engine

Ws-15 turbofan full name 15" Emei & quot; turbofan engine, is China's fourth generation heavy / medium fighter and the development of the small culvert ratio vector thrust turbofan engine. Ws-15 is mainly used for double heavy stealth fighter jet fighters -20.WS-15 developed by 606, 624, 614, plant 410, 430 factory and 113 factory units expert group. " Emei " technology demonstrator aircraft engine in May 2006 bench running successfully for the first time. This marks our country in the independent development of the aviation engine on the road to achieve a historic leap in the development of China's fourth generation of medium-sized fighter on the journey took a solid step forward. In 2011, the dawn of the aircraft completed the delivery of ws-15 verification machine.

This marks our country in the independent development of the aviation engine on the road to achieve a historic leap in the development of China's fourth generation of medium-sized fighter on the journey has taken a solid step forward. March 2007 prototype machine for the first time the successful operation of the test rig, is expected to complete the design and design of the engine in March 2013, the July 2014 production type engine.

Fifth: -10B Taihang turbofan engine

The WS-10/10A is equivalent to the original F100-PW-100 stage, and WS-10B is already equivalent to the original F100-PW-220 stage. Taihang change WS-10B the overall performance of the engine close and part over engine WS-10B F110-GE-129IPE & quot; Taihang & quot; developed on the foundation of the engine, common parts of turbofan 10B with turbofan 10/10A reached 70%. Use common components, not only reduced the development risks, will significantly reduce logistics costs.

Taihang change WS-10B core machine to the & quot; Taihang & quot; core machine based re developed. In the design process of the three core components of both high pressure compressor, an annular combustion chamber, high pressure turbine and a lot of reference and draw lessons from the Al 31F core machine design method and detail structure design and manufacturing process. Boldly advocates using a powered aircraft lots of advanced design technology and a large number of application of new materials, new technology, in order to break through the key technology of 120 items.

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