Exciting changes: the 4 generation of the four King Kong change reflects the development of China's Navy

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Exciting changes: the 4 generation of the four King Kong change reflects the development of China's Navy

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In this moment and a master Wu bacteria road to explore a few generations "this reflects the diamond" behind the change of sailors

The starting point of the first generation of "big four" new Chinese sailors from scratch

At the beginning of the prevailing price in the last century, 50 years, although the Chinese sailors has been established, but her belongings is still poor and blank, only had a short had large ships, the British Light Cruiser "Chongqing" also because bombing sinking has been scrapped lost use value, and Chinese sailors in the hands of the rest of the small ships no matter how you look at nearly only than the degree of multi gun boats.

] is the implementation of "fishing" mission of the 50 ton gunboat, the founding of the because fundamental industry is very weak, the gunboats of the host and many parts even by the Japanese surrender admire behind the inventory spell set

To reverse this need and the coastal defense needs very does not adapt to the equipment construction level, Chinese sailors began the pursuit of import of foreign advanced ship Road, because of the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, have numerous progress predecessors and idle ships in the western countries has been thoroughly of China off the arms sales to the door. With the introduction of advanced destroyers in the north can only rely on the principle of "big brother" Soviet socialist.

] in the process of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet sailors on land to break out of the Wal Mart to far beyond their record in the sea

Nevertheless compared to the end of the Second World War the Soviet Union chijun that expansion of the army. At this time Soviet Red sailors of the family property is lost too weak, damaged the shipbuilding industry has not enough time to breathe, the Soviet Union Red sailors in the hands of large warships only a few a few aircraft cruiser, they can sell to China only played in World War II, some second-hand ships, is that these second-hand ships and Chinese sailors introduction of acquisition road is full of hardships.

On April 22, 1952, Liberation Army Navy commander Xiao Jinguang personally led a delegation to the Soviet Union went to Moscow to construction and procurement destroyers and other marine equipment, but the naval commander personally acquisition structure and trip, the Soviet authorities refused what destroyers did not buy. Therefore, Chairman Mao Zedong even twice telegraphed Stalin, to him on the "Sino Russian strategic cooperation", to request the Soviet Union permission destroyers and marine equipment sales to China.

After Mao Zedong personally intervene, September 1952 and 1953 years, Luo shunchu, deputy commander of the Navy, head of the Chinese delegation to the two went to the Soviet Union, again pursue acquisition destroyers of the license. The two constitutive and was still very hard, the Luo shunchu structure and after examining the Soviet Union is very difficult to agree to sell the ship, disappointed advise Zhou Enlai and Xiao Jinguang, Soviet Union at a high price to sell us almost all "junk"! Xiao Jinguang's response: "to scrap!"

Eventually, after spending a ship, 17 tons of gold price, the number of retiring second-hand 07 destroyers, and finally become the Chinese sailors first discards the ships.

] the first generation of "the four King Kong" before were Soviet sailors "bold", "miracle", "diligent", and "cold", they twice successively in Qingdao delivered our sailors.

This batch of precious destroyers became China sailors naval ship army "headed female roles on them at that time, the new China sailors bred the first modern destroyers in 1971 (personnel type 051 destroyer ship service before the four ship destroyer took almost all sailors large vessels personnel training work, the first time to verify) destroyers with the army combat tactics at sea (April 1959, four diamond formations south, rushed to the Zhoushan islands joined to the liberation of Kinmen envisioned for the policy of amphibious exercises off the coast of the first), discard the invading foreign warships (April 13, 1962," Anshan "," Changchun "," Taiyuan "three ships with attack, off the coast of Qingdao to make close out I got rid of American destroyer" Di Haiwen "), the first time in the slough off Ship to install a missile launch equipment (May 1969, "Fushun ship rate to two double" upstream "anti-ship missile to replace the original torpedo assembly, a missile destroyers, then the remaining three in 1970 also has completed conversion).

First generation "of the four King Kong" for Chinese sailors to support "entrepreneurial" the most difficult time after, in 1989 began to gradually retreat was active, the four ship sideways, except the first retired No. 102 "Fushun ship", the rest are as museum ship produce more than heat.

The hull number 052c missile destroyer 150 play once "Changchun" ship to ship once legendary

The four generation of "Second King Kong" in the beginning of the new period

Insisted in] the fourth ship large warships of the arrival of the East China Sea fleet of the Chinese navy in oil and gas fields surrounding the sea has plenty of clout

1996 Taiwan scene point mutation of the the Chinese sailors fighting force suddenly facing a great challenge, but this time because the suspension of capital technology is weak and the Western short technical exchanges, Chinese navy ships building level alive bound on a late into the bottleneck, in addition to 112 ship ship 051 B missile discard 167 ship and two 052 missile destroyers and 113 ship. Throughout the 1990s Chinese sailors modern destroyers construction work in static.

Show a huge gap in the sailors of the needs of combat, and its technical force has not yet been achieved through the environment, import foreign advanced warships will once again become the choice of reasonable and unique.

] large sparse missile, huge turret, manual operation of antiaircraft artillery is lasting 051 destroyers to the family as the main force of the Chinese sailors visual markers. This type only last century, 60 years the technical level of the destroyers ask world beginning will spawn the obsolete destroyers (this is the destroyers did not occur is called "King Kong"). Nevertheless, even with this degree of destroyers and Chinese sailors in front of a powerful enemy is still choose to face the opposite. Most below the other warships for the Soviet Union full load displacement 20000 tons of the Kirov class cruiser and with it the match of 3000 tons of 051 is very weak

Because of the introduction of a number of Western cultural integration technology, so the type 052 destroyer ship construction work is very long, the warship Jiangnan Shipyard 3000 tons of whole built eight years before the delivery of 6000 sailors, 167 ton ship is beginning to test large tonnage ships, but the anti-aircraft fire only a eight the Red Sea type seven air defense missile (imitation French "Sidewinder" anti-aircraft missiles of domestic models, this type of missile is China second generation main battle ships scale air defense weapon) air defense capability and tonnage is not matched with words of some Western critics is the "Chinese built a large missile the boat" (which is the 167 ship that as many as 16 pieces of anti-ship missile, the ship has 113 at present) 112 after modification, 167 ships being modernized over sideways

Because of China arms embargo, the introduction of our country's warships is still our northern neighbour. Differences in 1952 when the Soviet Union, Russian is still at the beginning of the 21st century the Soviet Union disintegrated Russian officials are excited by the depression and the turmoil in struggling, need hard currency to protect plant roots run of quick this time and are in urgent need of advanced combat ships of Chinese sailors delegation told Joon the peace talks. Put in the Russian northern shipyard slipway in the 19th and 20th modern destroyers to project code named "956E" for Chinese sailors continued construction. Finally, they become the East China Sea fleet of the Chinese navy ship in Hangzhou and Fuzhou ship. 2002 "Hangzhou" and "Fuzhou" ship sailing ship to join Chinese sailors battle sequences.

] with the "modern" class of the ship with the "niche" medium range air defence missile, "ss-n-22" noble supersonic anti-ship missile, "Kashtan" near anti weapon systems and "card - 31 anti submarine helicopters were successfully filled with a number of gaps in the Chinese sailors

The Chinese sailors tried two ship 956E warships continued an additional orders, the acquisition of the two is basically "956E" type of warships in the technology into the class 956EM destroyers. The two "modern" class ships under construction was named "Ningbo" ship "Taizhou ship".

] with the same type of ship "956E type" photograph comparing, the new "project 956EM variant" into the level of the original anti-ship missile, the new "sunburn" missile range reaches up to 240 km. At the same time is also removed from the after deck main emplacement dual ak-130 main gun, optimize the structure of the ship aft surface, and the helicopter deck, use fixed hangar instead of telescopic hangar, and in front of the helicopter deck at the mercy of the installed a set of "Kashtan gun a recent anti system, such improvement makes the" modern "double the right of modern naval warfare requirements

East China Sea fleet of the] four Sovremenny class destroyers together in the sea of mission in the photo, in the years they had come, they in the East China Sea assume the task of "sword" of the ocean

Before the arrival of before and after the fourth ship "modern" destroyers makes Chinese sailors in proper motion produces ships become functionally mature and successfully made it through the period of combat capability gaps. Nevertheless because of the design concept, the spirit of infighting populated warships has in modern naval information warfare requirements front began to show signs of weakness, they have begun to gradually enter the reform into the class ranks.

"In the reform condition of" modern ".

Third generation "four King Kong" small step run to catch up

] with from the north four ships "of modern warfare battleship" through the lean combat capability of water at the beginning of the century of, domestic warships of the key technology breakthrough and increasingly mature, the third generation of "the four King Kong" has become the witness "small run" era of China during this period

168 Guangzhou missile destroyer is developed Chinese built 052B type destroyer ship. The captain of 154 meters, 16 meters wide, full load displacement of 5850 tons, it appears not only verify the domestic shipbuilding industry for the introduction of foreign advanced technology integration capability, but also makes the Chinese sailors first have the ocean activities for large domestic destroyers.

] in the type 052B destroyers, Chinese and Western "trace" is very obvious, the ships of 100 mm rapid fire compact type of guns from the French technology, air defense missile and launch layout was born in Russia of "niche" air defense missile system, top to air search radar "Sea Hawk - s" off Russia "roof" radar system of tire to, at the mercy of the port and starboard recent anti gun are both the shadow of the goalkeeper and ak-630, ship "yj-83" anti-ship missile is "genuine" domestic goods

The combination of two type 052B and two type 052c guided missile destroyers also makes the strength of naval vessels in the South China Sea Fleet in three fleets begin anti super durable, leading the North Sea, the East China Sea two fleet.

The fourth generation of "big four" to "6000 ton destroyer king"

With the third generation of craft heap set and expansion of military financial support, the fourth generation of the Chinese sailors "the four King Kong" has bid farewell to the first generation of the destitute, second generation of emergency purchase, embarked on a model with and master of Arts of the road.

"172 Kunming No.", "173 Changsha", "174 Hefei No. 1", "175 Yinchuan," a new generation of "the four King Kong" entirely for uniformly 052d destroyers. From 2014 March 21, the first ship "Kunming Road into the column" to July 12, 2016 "Yinchuan" into the military. The whole process took only two years short time such speed, have to say is a genuine "China speed.

] the same types of warships, the fleet is flexible, operational programming, logistics and nursed back to health, craft into the level and daily maintenance of brings huge convenience, which is Chinese sailors for many years "small run" craft route the inexhaustible in trying to elicit the effect. "

] 052d because the use of new liquid 346a radar, Red Sea 10 short range air defence missile system, "chocolate" 64 units general vertical launch system, model 130 guns, such as: Red Sea 9b, YJ 18 anti-ship missiles and other related equipment, making the 052d destroyers became the new era deserved "the king of the general destroyers, even with the U. s.military 9000 ton Burke class destroyers compared to because of the advantage of radar and air defense missile guidance systems, the 052d also do not fall ahull.

Exercises in the South China Sea] demonstrated in policy at the same time warfare capabilities of the 052d missile destroyers into the column just a few years time, a new generation of "the four King Kong" has formed a fighting force, behind the refraction is Chinese sailors in the cultivation of talents of solid foundation, the performance of this kind of soft power sometimes than the hard power of the number of ships more reflect the comprehensive qualities of a contingent of troops

Once aboard four others cut four ships destroyers were we see Zhenhai treasure, had faced the origin of the dangerous sea scenes where large warships also can only be begging for help in foreign countries, once every type of warship manufacture we also how much will leave some regret, at the moment, new top of the champagne produced in addition to ship can already batch entered service, fourth generation "the four King Kong" change reflects a nation sailors and national strength baiyuncanggou change, then according to this trend in the near future?

Whereabouts in the who's who?] follow the smooth process of 055 large destroyers and aircraft carrier in the domestic, the future of "the four King Kong"?

Reference: old map of World War II it post I like when young sailor rabbit --50 Gunship

Quiet of the Pacific Ocean -- the Soviet Union Pacific Yangjian at the end of World War II

"China sailors memory"

Modern ships

Sina reported on modern military class destroyer.


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