How to fight when shit? Don't laugh, how to solve the urgent soldiers?

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How to fight when shit? Don't laugh, how to solve the urgent soldiers?

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[army martial times] the author: Poplar

As the saying goes, there are three people anxious, once stomach began to churn, if can not find the toilet, O who taste but will let you instantly feel the whole person are gloomy. In the strange city, in the spring of the train, on the plugging into a dog free high-speed, for fear that many people have tasted the urgency and had to bite the bullet and hold the pain. Nothing more than the train can sit for a couple of days, strange place by gist of electronic map can also be found in the toilet, not very much easier at high speed on the wall, in fact, not only covers on the spot to solve the. Fortunately, today is the ordinary and everyday light, these things just short of time, to the home these are not things. But in the hail of bullets, a dangerous battlefield, the toilet on this day have some "gobbledygook" can be not so simple a, if disposal owe good, light disease rampant, combat power is greatly reduced, the battle was lost, life is not guaranteed.

Ancient battlefield toilet

In the battlefield to the toilet this thing, since humans have war, has always been a problem that need to solve, what position the master why are people, only the most basic needs satisfied, just talk to go on a fighting force. In the era of war is comfortable and convenient, is stationed within the castle or city of the army. In the walls of the deep pool of asylum, built permanent toilet, neither hard is necessary.

Shrinkage in the city garrison because hovering space is relatively small, we must pay more attention to solve the fouling problem, or ranging from enemy attack up itself first because of plague and collapse. In the frequent wars in the spring and autumn and the Warring States period, it has been the practice, but because of the building of China's civil layout (rammed earth walls, wood house), the odds and ends of the past is hard to retain. Today we can see the, "Mozi" and other works written records. Nevertheless fecal wouldn't be a complete waste, ancient China had the droppings collected, after heating when made the weapon's record, this disgusting tool and a nickname - "liquid gold". How to use it? The head of a cast to siege...... Also, can dip in the arrows, the enemy once the arrow, even in death, a few days have died due to infection. This result, in fact, too biochemical weapon.

Single - toilet English Derby Pei Friel castle, don'tWater rushing, does not eliminate clean, because this is "advanced", "gravity effect"Toilet - discharge directly to the outside of the city

Stone architectural tradition of Europe, you can also see Rome during left Fort toilet, not only looks to today's sit toilet approximation, and was washed with water. Just then there is no paper, is said to wipe the bottom with a sponge, and is still a common, my, God Oh....... However, in under the aegis of the defensive fortifications perseverance is not necessarily is a good thing, if it was a long time, run out of food, may be miserable. In the 15th century BC, the Egyptian Book of the dead ", in particular, we should mention the dead in the afterlife" without coprophagy drinking of urine, according to historical textual criticism scholar, this is exactly the true reflection of the siege of Gouy era. In Chinese history, the siege to the people of the food is not uncommon, similar to the tragic scene of ancient Egypt is also entirely possible - the war really can force people to the level of violation of psychological discipline.

"Li Weigong was deified as folk" tota kings "of Li Jing, he is TangAt the beginning of well-educated and trained in military exercises strategist, rich actual combat experience, for the ancient warThe description of the military details can be very high degree of support

Under the premise of the ancient field of toileting problems is relatively agile. Because the field camp are tentatively of, the flower prices much less cost-effective. But this is not to say that there is no is decorous, in the years of war, predecessor is through the process of experience summed up the a set of norms and principles. From the Tang Dynasty "Li Wei Gong strategics" discusses a barracks hygiene delineated, each camp to dig a public toilet (the specific forms is not clear, understandable is a deep pit and underline to choose a location far enough away from the water and food storage to and from the barracks cannot too close, but cannot too far, so as to avoid the toilet on the soldiers cannot seasonable rejoin. In addition, human and animal life waste to incineration, ills patients and epidemic disease patients to isolation and other items available.


In this song contains the campaign in all aspects of the song, specifically pointed out that the "toilet", but what is meant by "good toilet"? Is a respected Zeng Guofan's Chiang Kai Shek is also specially do understand the release: "the so-called good toilet, first latrine must deep. The second is around to cover, the third is address to a remote point, and especially not to close to the kitchen. Because the toilet, there is no fly, this tool flew into the kitchen, then the micro bacteria scattered in the food, the master ate the city to get sick......".

Coincidentally, in the American War of independence, Washington has personally intervention goes the problem. Because almost serious in the Continental Army rabble "guerrilla habits and poor health habits resulting in many of the officers and illness that Washington had to specially stressed that officer to lead mining pass the toilet, and ordered punishment anywhere on the size of the soldiers. At all times and in all over the world's highest commander should to care about the details, the statement we Xi think often of the "toilet", on the battlefield is not trivial.

War and World War II

In modern times, along with the growth of medical technology and biology, battlefield health of army won the face, many norms can be established, but this does not mean that soldier in the battlefield of the real must assure sanitation. Can imagine, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people's army, the number of secretions that happen every day is huge, to real disposal is not so easily.

In the first World War trench warfare, soldiers on both sides were fed up with the "toilet" crime. Because not a field of battle, soldiers can only conscientiously real stay in the trenches, eat and drink Lazard have solution to the inside, so continuous trenches became soldiers "home", just the "home" actually too bad, especially the toilets in the trenches. The so-called toilet, in fact, is a hole in the trenches of the ground slightly lower than, above the frame on the wooden beams, the soldiers squat in the above solution. If just a few days fortunately, but persist for years, these original tentatively convenience facilities became filled with the filth of the mud and dirt and blood XX, from Phi a stench to the infarction, then mixed to battlefield corpses rancid flavor, forming a gas with no second, heinous taste that many soldiers to wear gas masks to dare to go to the lavatory. For a long time, encounter Yin the rain, "toilet" in the dirt will be anti spill into the trenches, if another a cannonball hit here... This is what a terrible weather, you can look up the brain itself.

"In the" letters from Iwo Jima ", the Japanese officers thought that Xixiang is a cowardIt plays a role of "latrinerunner" down the toilet. In the voluntary army.In the tunnel, two mountain battle foxholes, size of Ontario is like electricityIn the shadows.

Because of trench is too dirty, flies and insects from breeding, many soldiers suffering from digestive tract diseases and diarrhea, even smell like a stench toilet also is have loose bowels have diarrhoea soldiers "day and night" occupation, and lead to toilet double dirty -- this is a vicious circle, in fact in a war because of poor sanitation and disease tipped the soldiers didn't than the battlefield less how many. To improve this situation, you can use in toilet sprinkled the lime, sulfur powder to for some, but better ways can only is regular Qingtao, was assigned to stem the adverse job, he was called "latrine runner", why is the runner? Because do this job must be fast, because the smell, time grew to stand; the second is due to the XX dig trenches, watch for enemy armed force, fast point even life can not hold.

"During World War II and a wartime battlefield toilet" beam "shapes andThere is not much difference, sometimes a hole, but also the effective wood to build, and alsoThere is a direct solution in the river - the lower left corner is Barton's pee in the Rhine."Indecent photos". Generally speaking, because it is flexible operations, so the toilet will notThe phenomenon of "hoarding"

During World War II, because both sides in a flexible operation mainly, trench to cease to exist, the soldiers will no longer suffer for incomparable stench toilet on the battlefield to. But this is not to say that the soldiers can be arbitrarily "solve", because who can't run to a kilometer outside to the convenience, most people still will around "pee", if not to adopt certain methods, which easily breed bacteria and flies the dirt will in turn affect the combat effectiveness of the whole army. The battlefield in North Africa, the Germans will eat this loss, even Rommel are infected and the influence of the instructions. British forces to do relatively better, to maintain the health of the soldiers, which is with the British this old driver has a long experience in the overseas colonial combat.

Modern how to do?

Obsolete, in modern war in recent years, follow the reward to the principle, as long as the conditions permit, rich country army camp in the city to install enough health temporary toilet. The U.S. resident camp in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be able to find such facilities. The war toilet looks and some of the attractions of the mobile toilet does not have the too big differences, at least not too dirty, emphasizes on the comparison with air conditioning and a wartime predecessors compared, today's American soldiers indeed is squatting in the heaven.

Nevertheless in the field under the premise, still have to solve the digging, as for how to dig and specification, or as the North African British World War II, as the reform of the ammunition box into a "toilet", this all natural is drawn from the experience of years of war. But there is a type of soldier, for they may double sensitive sniper secretion. Sniper tend to be in a place hidden on for a long time, if if the urgency and cannot as popular infantry run as to solve, mostly hour only simmering -- in addition to look for opportunities and cannot crush the hidden reason. In fact, how to do? Can only be in the pants, or in the pants. In actual combat is not in the crime, in addition to the action before the solution, you can also eat special high calorie, low impurities to reduce waste of food production".

In the first Gulf War, the implementation of the mission of the British SAS peeping will carry a approximate to above such "drum" (Jerry can, but of course, there will be no 20L this big), used to do what? Urine loading. Such doing is to link the hidden, the first step is to prevent other dogs to detect, is the army "nothing left" special action rule of the resolution.

Urinating in the battlefield, in addition to health problems, sometimes will become a vital moment. In the TV show "the Pacific Ocean", a celebrity soldiers because the urgency and ran to the a mountain cave is easy, just took off next trousers is inside the cave suddenly rushed out of the two Japanese kill, the soldier inside and outside turn nasty, can take to the heels scurry. Although finally the Japanese were killed by his comrades, but pulled a pair of trousers. The soldiers play but fortunately there are people help, if alone, is likely not to protect life. In the battle of the founding of the counterinsurgency, sly thief also had manipulated Liberation Army soldier urgency suddenly attacks, causing casualties to the people's Liberation Army. To avoid this environment, in addition to more careful, only to follow the brigade, take turns to facilitate the.

For the air force's flying staff, the problem may be more difficult to solve. During World War II, the general staff of the flight when the time is only one to two hours, the foundation can not consider this problem. But in the cold war period, such as the promise is not a, like the kind of U-2 of tend to dispatched more than a dozen hours, pilots again how can endure, also can not hold so long, is to only in flying service efforts, with catheter and a urine bag to solve. While the Soviet Union Su -34 pilots, can only be used to facilitate the original double chamber. But the big aircraft and bombers, because space is relatively abundant enough, will still use the toilet design.

The U boat on the internal and external toilet toilet

For the submarine, the toilet is not an easy thing. Take a U-boat during World War II, the general will have two toilet, but this one will be loaded with supplies (depleted can be vacated by), together so more than 50 head of the ego can only use one of the toilet, because of the use of high frequency, it is easy to get dirty, Department of air inside the submarine originally not novel, again on such a hair, breath can be imagined. In the submarine, there is a certain risk of flushing the toilet, do less well will lead to seawater intrusion. U-1206 is for flushing the toilet when the careless handling and a lot of water, forced to go up, and then sunk by allied aircraft. If can in the sea safely sailing a, submariners can also take advantage of "external toilet", in fact, is a fixed on the balustrade of the seat ring, directly into the sea, can also breathe the fresh air, enjoy ah!

The most interesting, the astronauts of the "convenience" of the problem. The astronauts of the toilet and the toilet is not the same thing. In the case of China's "Shenzhou" spacecraft, astronauts "toilet" is actually constitutes a small mouth container from two contacts with the body, a long tube, and a urine collecting container, a trash bin and a ventilation assembly. When using, astronauts have to use the hand to hold two assembly below the long tube, and through to the pipe effort, the package assembly and close to the body, like upside down with a leather hides. After the astronauts secrete urine, secretions will follow the tube down into the collection container. The stool discharge is also in contact with the astronauts to contact the assembly, which has a special stool with, the astronauts need to hand out, directly into the trash.

At the moment of military health technology is relatively advanced, are relatively face, but also a lot of all kinds of things and decorous, but even so, want on the battlefield do not suffer is not easy - for example, wearing diapers, but have loose bowels the how to do it? To pull pants also sad ah....... So, the best is still not war, otherwise, even the toilet so simple, let you feel the pain, even to the Qing life.

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