Sino Indian border fire suddenly reversed China's new weapons to India stunned

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Sino Indian border fire suddenly reversed China's new weapons to India stunned

2016-07-22 06:03:17 642 ℃

China has confirmed that all deposit dependents AH-4 155mm 39 times the diameter of the light grenade gun completed research and development, organized recently began production and put in the international market. According to the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" web site reported on July 18, in many ways, China's AH-4 type of 155 mm light howitzers in concept and the British made m777 type 155mm 39 times the diameter of the light howitzer is very similar to that of, the latter at the moment has been with Australia, Canada and the United States Army and Marine Corps. And this type of gun of a new order, from India, said India has for the army spent about $750 million from the hands of the United States to buy 145 ultra light howitzer, and intend to furnishings in the India China border to the Chinese. Obviously, Chinese growth this same type of gun, not only a tit for tat meaning, more took the opportunity to seize the intent of the world market for this kind of gun.

"God of the war" good reputation of the artillery is always one of the main characters in the modern war can not be separated from the, and 155 mm artillery is currently the world the most universal scale large caliber gun, is also the focus of China's to the world to promote the army weapon. In China's new open Lu Rong service, there is a fast and flexible display of artillery, earlier in the Zhuhai airshow appearance caused great concern, this is AH-4 155 mm light grenade gun system. The weight of the system is 3800 to 3500 kg, can be suspended by the helicopter, in order to achieve rapid display and flexible operation. This gun is very simple, can be opened in 3 minutes to launch the situation, can also be implemented within 2 minutes to withdraw and enter the new flexible standby status. The general environment, AH-4 gun by 7 officers in operation, and not much difference between French and M777 type operation.

From the appearance and the relevant data analysis point of view, AH-4 type of gun adopted 39 times the diameter of the barrel. In addition to launch a China all standard 155mm projectile, but also fired NATO scale of 155 mm artillery shells, and the maximum range of 38 km. In addition, the gun can also launch the latest 155 mm GP-6 laser guided artillery shells, the impact distance of 25 km, the probability of the first launch of 90%, and can be fixed and moving. In the distribution of ammunition, in addition to the shells, will also be equipped with special TV imaging investigation bomb, communication chaff jamming bombs ammunition.

AH-4 type of gun reason for being all over the face, because the cover of its own weight is only a fraction of the popular gun, which are derived in the in manufacturing gun components, extensive use of the special metal materials. Such as gun many parts are made of titanium alloy hardness high quality light, non key parts use intensity inevitable but very lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes the total weight can be by a medium helicopter the lift. In order to carry out rapid display or change the position. But even so, unexpectedly a taste of the gun is simple, allegedly, its still equipped with popular gun should equipment simple gun fire control system, including fire control computer, ballistic computer, gunner display control and display of the Gunners, muzzle velocity and azimuth angle sensor, traction artillery indirect positioning assembly, and the special design of recoil assembly. In this environment, the maximum rate of fire of 5 rounds / minute, thus the density of fire is very considerable, the power is still very strong.

In the modern war nations are very stressed artillery fast and flexibility, in the major countries of both throughout equipment emplacement reconnaissance radar of environment, a gun within a few shells fired after a few minutes, it is possible to will encounter the enemy's retaliatory counterattack, which is the preservation of the artillery ability presents rigorous requirements. The flexible self-propelled artillery, light artillery can quickly transfer emplacement, has become the nations options. In some countries, on the use of light artillery and helicopter is united in wedlock, to achieve the transfer of artillery positions, and achieve popular gun can not achieve the emplacement of decoration, such as the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries are so, and Japan, India and Europe many NATO countries also followed this procedure, in vigorously support the army and m777 ultra lightweight artillery becomes the leader.

According to the latest reports, India has recently officially purchased a number of M777 ultra light artillery, allegedly to be the first display in the Zangnan region, which in the inevitable level of the Chinese and Indian border to form a firepower advantage. But at the moment, follow China's AH-4 gun 155 mm ultra light gun production and shortly after the column mounted forces, China Army in the Sino Indian border region in firepower realized to catch up with and surpass, also makes previously almost imbalance of Sino Indian border artillery firepower will soon return to in situ.

At this point, China should be adapted to the world's most important national artillery and high spirit of the development of the activation of this growth trend, which was born in the domestic AH-4 type artillery. Although the disclosure of research and development of new AH-4 is mainly export - oriented, but must also equipped with the people's Liberation Army rapid reaction forces and airborne troops, and the gun in flying wings. In Chinese equipment of large and medium-sized helicopters, MI-171 load of 4 tons, the plug-in is generally more than 3 tons of mercy, AH-4 mount some reluctantly, but also can be competent. In recent years throughout the column mounted straight-8f and localization of the ac-313 helicopter external up to 5 tons, the introduction of the United States "Black Hawk" plug up to 4 tons is to estimate the city is the ideal companion of AH-4. But master the most concern is that China's AH-4 155 mm ultra light howitzer gun if entered the artillery equipment market to participate in the competition, will no doubt be the m777 ultra light howitzer of the most powerful competitors, I believe will in the international market share a cup of a thick soup.

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