NATO is not afraid of US sanctions only: and he made him to help Chinese bomb China gratis carrier

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NATO is not afraid of US sanctions only: and he made him to help Chinese bomb China gratis carrier

2016-07-21 01:00:50 538 ℃

For a long time, headed by the United States western countries against China extremely strict arms embargo, China lost from the west advanced weapons technology channels, turn from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries imported weapons technology. But Russia, Ukraine, and other countries have mostly the legacy of the Soviet era, compared with the west is not very sophisticated, performance also exists some gap, so China did not give up from the west advanced weapons technology efforts, therefore has called on Europe to lift the arms embargo.

In fact, Europe in the implementation of the arms embargo against China for 20 years, the effect did not achieve the expected. On the contrary, the arms embargo deeply stimulated China's self-esteem, so that China attaches great importance to the construction of national defense industrial capacity, and contributed to the development of China's weapon technology in the new century after the blowout. European countries recognize that an arms embargo just in a certain extent delayed the progress of Chinese weapons technology, the European lost the military trade customers, let Russia in China military trade accounted for the cheaper, so European countries advocate cancel arms embargo on China's voice is more and more big. Only due to the strong opposition of the United States and the EU's "consistent" principle, to make China's arms embargo has been unable to lift the ban.

However, in Western Europe, France is the only country that is not afraid of the United States sanctions, adhere to the defense relations with china. According to EU statistics, China and France signed a contract value of equipment franchise production reached euros in 2012, accounting for about 80% of the eu. And France to take tricks clever, namely China export product weapons, but sold some of the key power equipment, components and dual-use technology, because these are in the range of arms embargo to China "fuzzy zone".

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