The Japanese military satellite crashed, repair the need for nearly 2 years, but hidden amazing strength

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The Japanese military satellite crashed, repair the need for nearly 2 years, but hidden amazing strength

2016-07-22 06:12:03 448 ℃

July 19th, according to the British Reuters reported that Japan's first military communications satellite antenna damage in the course of transport, the launch date postponed for 2 years.

Japan DSN-1 military X band communication satellite intended and India GSAT-18 communication satellite in French Guiana launch, but the way Japanese satellite transport to French Guiana damaged.

Aircraft carrying a satellite in French Guiana decline, canvas blocked the for the dredging of the air valve, drop along with the aircraft and external pressure rise, break inside and outside pressure equalization, the satellite antenna is to damage, to complete the repair may need more than a year, according to official documents issued by the Japanese authorities. So, Japan, as a big country in Asia, its current military satellite strength how?

On the strength of probe satellite geometry?

Currently, Japan has 4 star spy watching for operation of the satellite in earth orbit, including two pieces of optical imaging spy satellites and two single ray reachs like satellite.

Optical imaging satellites can have the other needle in a better climate environment on photography. Ray reach, such as satellite can perhaps in cloudy and other adverse weather conditions the other needle peeping, fill the defect of optical imaging satellite.

Is in Japan by optical imaging satellites and ray reach like satellite as a group, the formation of complementary advantages, to achieve the other needle all-weather peeping, and these satellite photos of the resolution can probably reach metres above can even reach 0.5 meters, second only to the us a glimpse of the servo satellite.

Japan active probe satellite

Today, Japan in orbit 4 star shadowed satellite is divided into two groups, to North Korea and other countries for ballistic missile launch trends peeping, the goal is to obtain reliable intelligence data.

In addition, in January 2015, Japan developed and released the "foundation of the universe", on the future of Japan's military and aerospace development policy, principles, strategies, etc..

According to the plan, Japan in the next 10 years will intelligence gathering satellite by current 4 teeth increased to 10 teeth, is used for shooting sunny optical satellite, and radar satellites for shooting at night and in bad weather conditions, from the current 2 teeth increased to 4 stars. At the same time, also plans to in 2019 and 2024 parting emitting one piece of data relay satellite, composed of Japan's future satellite peeping collection. Not only can Xu Shi at the moment 24 hours in the Earth took a policy to shoot several times, also can be in a short time would take an image and peeping real-time data sent back to the ground.

Enhance the space military

Has always been, Japan the space basic law "designated" space opens only peaceful uses ", and from protocol version of the foundation of the universe to" start, Japan has begun to add in the militarization of space manipulation of content.

In modern warfare, military peeping satellite effect is more and more big, has become a winning the crucial information hi-tech local war equipment. Cut the accurate navigation and positioning system, and accurate intelligence reconnaissance system, improve military capabilities become key factor focus. Currently, Japanese in satellite positioning, satellite intelligence gathering are dependent on the supply of information in the United States, but has been aware of this is not a permanent solution, and Japanese defense and press circles have long been deeply unhappy.

Followed by the establishment of the new security bill, Japan's self defense forces from the law the troops overseas forever, coupled with the US Japan military cooperation increasingly strengthened, future SDF traveled oceans military assistance to overseas combat just around the corner is in Japan need to construct cut indeed spy satellite collection peeping, "clairvoyance" and "night vision goggles" laying the groundwork for self-defense captain way of fighting. (Hua Renquan)