Diving half a month does not go up is a kind of experience? China's AIP submarine is like this

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Diving half a month does not go up is a kind of experience? China's AIP submarine is like this

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Submarine is the secret weapon, if often surfaced, would have added disclosure rate, easily by enemy anti submarine forces to track and attack, such word, submarine sea save and combat capability of urban is reduced. So, in order to improve the submarine underwater flexible ability, how to do?

The first test of the submarine force as a source of compressed air, human, steam, fuel and electricity, etc.. Before the first World War, the submarine began to use the diesel engine as the power source of the common idea. Diesel engine is responsible for the submarine voyage on the surface and the power source to charge the battery. Under the surface of the water, the submarine used to save the power of the battery in the battery. Nevertheless by the battery can store electricity required supply ship equipment use, namely, the use of low-speed navigation, lasts only a short time, then must floating on the surface of the water charging, the hour, the submarine hiding function is greatly reduced.

In 1930, Germany Walter (Walter), put forward by hydrogen peroxide do as the fuel of the engine system, passes through several years of research and testing, at the end of the Second World War, Walter found "Walter type power machine", the truth is through the process of combustion of hydrogen peroxide to urge on the work of internal combustion engine, because hydrogen peroxide combustion oxygen, so there is no need to offset oxygen from the outside world. Because hydrogen peroxide, prone to reflect the spontaneous combustion, Walter engine technology closes nevertheless, is in Germany only produced a few aircraft XYIIB submarine.

German U214, U212, U209 submarine

AIP hydrogen fuel cell system

Before the Second World War, Holland developed a ventilation pipe assembly, which was further improved by Germany and applied to the submarine. The basic organ is to guide the outside air to the diesel engine with the extension of the air pipe to ensure the normal operation of the diesel engine and the exhaust gas from the work of the diesel engine is discharged through the air exhaust pipe. Before, the submarine ventilation and charging homework must surface, because the policy is too easy to show, this kind of work can only be carried out at night. After the use of ventilation pipe, the submarine just to reach out to the sea can be charged, not only reduces the probability of the submarine was found, but also extended the opportunity to recharge the submarine. The disclosure rate is reduced, and the hidden nature is improved.

Submarine vent pipe assembly

After the Second World War, follow electronic equipment constantly updated, that is, snorkel voyage condition is hard not to be detected by radar, so many countries begin to research other possible alternative power source, in order to delay the submarine continued lessons at the surface. Such as in the diesel powered comes with an oxidizing agent or other don't need oxygen to support combustion equipment, or is composed of new sources of power for battery charging and electric drive motor. From the 1950s began, international is committed to in the new power assembly of conventional submarine, focusing on two aspects, one is how to make the diesel engine in water under hypoxic environment under one after another long time work, spur submarine water under flexible. General diesel electric submarines, if under the water invasion or avoid with 20 high speed is flexible, less than one and two hours of battery is no electricity, the submarine had surfaced in the surface charge. Is to use low speed navigation, every day also surfaced one or two times, start the engine and the engine, to charge the battery. Two is how to make the battery work efficiency is increased, the discharge time delay, to ensure that the submarine can sail underwater long time.

After decades of research, like the power of the air is not rely on the assembly (AIP) has entered the stage of the use of real. The so-called AIP technology is (Propulsion Air-Independent) "do not rely on the power of the air" technology English abbreviations. This technology can include: closed cycle diesel engine system, "Stryn" strategic motivation, new battery and the use of new fuel to promote the assembly, etc.. As we all know, like the popular conventional submarines, the first is the diesel engine and the electromotor as automatic, the diesel engine is through the process of diesel spray and air mixture combustion the explosive force to spur submarine progress, so there is no air and oxygen, diesel engine cannot work less. Diesel engine does not work, the battery can not charge, the submarine can not be able to sail under water, such as the submarine has become a surface ship in reality. What is the difference between a AIP submarine and a popular conventional submarine? AIP submarine is refers to the submarine underwater navigation hour manipulation itself carry oxygen engine (engine is to heat supply department heat into foreign output mechanical energy to mechanical) or electrochemical power generation assembly is supplied to the combustion condition, completes the energy conversion, and then supplied to the submarine propulsion power and electric energy. What are the benefits of using API power? The German type 212 submarine is the world first the fuel cell AIP submarine, by adopting the power, the type 212 submarine speed can may reach more than 8, sustainable sailing for more than 7 days, in the past, conventional submarines can stay under water for three or four days is very good.

Hydrogen oxygen fuel cell

The other, the Swedish years engaged in research on closed cycle engine of Stryn "anoxybiotic also has made significant progress. This policy is motivated by the need for oxygen is stored in liquid form, the Stirling engine is through the process of gas heat expansion and cold contraction of dynamic. Because without the need for external air, submarine long hunter, equipped with the "Stirling" policy motivation, submarine battery life of up to thousands of miles, under water continued to sail for 2-3 weeks not float, thus greatly improving the submarine underwater flexible ability.

AIP Sweden Stryn policy motivation

Today, is useful to reduce the rate of disclosure, increase the flexibility, used in international advanced technology basically has 3 kinds: use of nuclear power assembly by nuclear and conventional combined with the assembly of the power, the development of new conventional power assembly. The combination of nuclear and conventional power assembly is more a concept, but also a large number of real boat test. Envisioned in a submarine is link diesel powered assembly, and add a small nuclear power cabin, in the water surface or ventilation tube navigation of, on the use of diesel electric power, in the water on the use of nuclear power assembly, due to their high spirited in the cost and technology complex, this scheme has not been used. The use of nuclear powered submarines, known as nuclear powered submarines, has been widely used. In the dynamic setting, the submarine a dive sustainable in underwater navigation for three or four months not floating, ten years only need to change a fuel, water under the flexible function is very good, but the cost is too high, craft complex, countries unbearable. Relatively speaking, many countries are committed to the development of new types of conventional power assembly, most has the in recent years, serving the new submarine AIP power, our China is not an exception.

AIP closed cycle strategy

Looking back on the history, submarine was in World War II extolled overweight with Gawain, as a big country, China growth submarine is unquestionable, but as growth carrier as, our China is this road later, nothing more was not left behind. Now we also have a domestic Stirling engine, the submarine combat capability to obtain great promotion for the invariant and maintain China's peripheral security situation have the vital role. Other Chinese AIP submarines in international sales is also quite it popular country, we have reason to believe that China's own submarine will be getting better and better!

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