Why China suddenly exposure of a new type of engine? The fans of the The whole nation becomes mad. thoroughly

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Why China suddenly exposure of a new type of engine? The fans of the The whole nation becomes mad. thoroughly

2016-07-22 09:03:54 475 ℃

For the spread of the Internet China 13 turbofan engine

[small various Ge penetrating military observation the 753] recently, China's official media published an article said that for a type of aircraft which is equipped with AVIC Liyang company of a certain type of engine achieve the successful first flight. It is reported that this is a development for light fighter in the thrust of the jet engine. For a long time, the aviation industry are focused on the main resource development of large thrust turbofan engine. So, why the aircraft industry to develop a thrust of the thrust of the jet engine it?

This is also from the fierce dragon fighter was exported to Egypt about. From 2015 onwards, Egypt and Russia will continue to have news, the Egyptian military ordered 50 aircraft in the Russian made MiG - 29m fighter, and "Xiaolong" was eliminated, traditionally, between China and Egypt's military trade has been decades of history. In 1979, Egypt had to Chinese ordered hundreds of millions of dollars in F -6 and -7 series fighter.

Atlas of China Aviation Engine

Even in later, China K8 trainer have become Egyptian Air Force pilots to extol the gift, said "this aircraft flying qualities, high reliability, convenient maintenance is one of the world's best primary jet trainer". Egypt is also set to introduce the production line. But "Xiaolong" want to continue the success of K8 project, but encountered difficulties. This source in China for a long time did not fit "Xiaolong" engine, only the Russian rd-93 (i.e. MiG-29 fighter the rd-33 series engine modification).

Engine problems makes "Xiaolong" export must get Russia's permission, so MiG-29 while shuffling of Egyptian politics, seize this belongs to "Xiaolong" market, which is tantamount to "the Other Boleyn Girl"! Therefore, "closely linked Xiaolong" fate and the fate of the engine thrust. Aviation industry in Guizhou Li Yang aviation engine (Group) Co., Ltd. is part of the aircraft industry engine company, is one of the backbone enterprises of China's aviation engine development and production.

Figure for the Russian RD93 turbofan engine

The main products of turbofan 13 series engine is designed for domestic "Xiaolong" light aircraft developed engine. Previously, JF-17 thunder fighter can only assembly Russia rd-93 engines. It is reported that a turbojet engine 13 is the improvement on the rd-93 engine based on low by-pass engine, perhaps due to technical problems, the engine hesitated to put into production, and foreign customers in Pakistan is not recognized.

Whether this new engine is a reliable engine, for the maintenance of national and military enterprises and the economic interests of the image is very important. The new kind of engine may not hold in "Xiaolong" that the 3rd generation fighter, even may also be fitted in the F - 31 this fourth generation stealth fighter, its market life and overseas sales potential can get rid of a Russian engine market competition, we will wait and see.As Chinese military fans said that China exposure that a mysterious engine should is legend has long been turbofan 13, if so is undoubtedly a major for the whole carnival.

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