Will the people's Liberation Army defeat the United States Navy? Why Russia beat the laugh without a word

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Will the people's Liberation Army defeat the United States Navy? Why Russia beat the laugh without a word

2016-07-22 09:04:01 464 ℃

The picture of the PLA exercises

[small various Ge penetrating military observation 750 period has been since the, United States Navy always ensure that the deployment of six aircraft carriers in the world, so feel free to show off its powerful ability to deter sea, peace and stability in the world as if the whole benefit to the shelter of the Star Spangled Banner. But does the United States simply rely on military power to curb the challenges of other great powers and non - state power? United States, "national interest" magazine published an article said that by 2030, the United States will continue to have the world's most powerful sea, air force. The United States has at least 3 super super super aircraft carrier, in addition, to replace the Ohio class new strategic nuclear submarine also served in 2031.

At the same time there are at least 34 Burke class destroyers and 3 to join the U. S. Navy, the Navy, the total number of its main warships to maintain the 309. The United States Air Force then will be equipped with more than a thousand F-35s. Research and development of more sophisticated next-generation combat platform, intent and firmly grasp the future airpower. From a geopolitical analysis, the national core interests of Russia and in the United States led NATO in Europe is strong wrestling.

China Air Force fighter

In recent years, Russia in 2008 blow to the closer to the NATO Georgia, to 2015 support Ukraine's Crimean independence, Ukraine's eastern Donbas area separation operations. This is the embodiment of the will of Russia as a great power that wants to rise, and to maintain the country's power in the region. Now, NATO has repeatedly accused Russia of NATO's former Warsaw Pact countries, especially the three Baltic countries military provocations and sabre rattling.

Russia's military advantage lies in that the Russian military in a short period of time, in the air force and tactical nuclear weapons under the cover, from the invasion of those small land access, and the US or NATO very difficult to organize the effective defense. In East Asia, the United States and the military confrontation Chinese almost all at sea, the United States also have sea and air superiority. But Chinese is at home, the United States is to project military supplies across thousands of miles.

US Navy soldier

Although the U. S. in the first, the second chain has dozens of military bases and friendly countries of the airport is available, but it needs to be integrated complex command, control, intelligence information. China can through interference and attack U. s.forces to rely on information network to achieve the paralysis of the U. S. Army weapons platform, and not just rely on missiles and aircraft and other hard kill weapon use, which is why the us pay more and more attention to the cause of cyber warfare where, this is their life. If the United States really war with China and Russia, the strength of the three countries can not be avoided to be weakened.

At that time, some power may rise, with the ability to include at least: Japan, India. If really have so a day, Japan will be re established the scope of their forces in East Asia, India will be re established the scope of their forces in the Indian Ocean region, presumably this is, Russia, and the United States are not willing to see. Therefore, the country should learn to deal with each other between the divergence and contradiction,Therefore, some analysts believe that Sino US war itself is a false proposition, this point, the Russian media also said to laugh and not language.

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