Chinese can double sink US aircraft carrier battle group? Users are given the answer so that people think

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Chinese can double sink US aircraft carrier battle group? Users are given the answer so that people think

2016-07-22 09:07:39 556 ℃

The United States aircraft carrier

[small various Ge penetrating military observation the 751] recently, the Chinese Navy assembled a fleet of three main, in a sea of China emergency muster launched a large-scale joint sea and air exercises, and almost at the same time, the United States also chose to send several warships to cruise, even the news, the U. S. Navy two aircraft carrier battle group will join the declaration of the so-called "freedom of navigation".So, we can't help wanting to ask, if in the United States in this area, misfires, China can sink us two aircraft carrier battle group?

Usually case, a US aircraft carrier fleet battle compiled include: 1 Nimitz class Super nuclear aircraft carrier as the center, and is equipped with a carrier air wing, which usually consists of four squadrons of F / A-18E / F fighter, a squadron of the ea-18g aircraft, a squadron E-2C early warning unit. 1-2 Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser, responsible for the air defense warning, 2-4 ship Burke class guided missile destroyer is responsible for air defense and anti submarine missions, 1-2 ships of Los Angeles class or Virginia class attack nuclear submarine for underwater surveillance and anti submarine.

Figure for the Chinese Navy exercises screen

In addition, the formation of rear usually have 1-2 boats fast supply ship, is responsible for the formation of ships providing supplies and ammunition and other military supplies. And two aircraft carrier battle groups troops at least twice single carrier battle group, the battle group has perfect air defense, anti submarine, anti-ship and land attack capabilities. In contrast to China's three major fleet battleship is destroyer. The destroyer to the newly commissioned the 052d missile destroyers were the most powerful fighting force, the ship is equipped with the latest modification of "Chinese aegis active phased array radar and 64 element vertical launch system.

The Burke class destroyers equipped with more sophisticated aegis passive phased array radar and 90 unit vertical launch system. As for the predecessor of 052C 052D is only 48 units vertical launch system. In addition, China has purchased from Russia four Sovremenny class destroyers, equipped with 8 pieces of anti aircraft carrier dedicated the Moskit supersonic anti-ship missiles, but air defense capability. Overall, medium and large surface ships of the Chinese navy in the middle of the lineup, truly achieve the advanced western the expulsion of standard ship only: 6 052c destroyer, 4 052d destroyers, four Sovremenny class expulsion of ship and two aircraft 051C destroyer, vertical launch unit a total of 640.

The picture of the Chinese ballistic missile aircraft carrier picture

In contrast, the U. S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group ships installed 896 vertical launching unit can be mixed "standard" 3 theater anti missile missiles, "standard" 6 remote air defense missile, "O Slovenia grams" antisubmarine missile and Tomahawk cruise missiles. Also the two aircraft carrier battle group of carrier based fighter and about 100, and the Chinese Navy only 1 ship "Liaoning" aircraft carrier is only training ship, annihilate - 15 carrier borne fighter 30 aircraft.

Some Chinese netizens said that the existing strength of the Chinese Navy, to just out of the surface ship to fight the United States double carrier battle group, is absolutely not desirable! Must use asymmetric warfare, namely, collaborative use anti-ship ballistic missiles to deter the U.S. aircraft carrier, shore based Aviation Flying Leopard, Bang has a fighter, emission of air to ship cruise missile, underwater but also a submarine shefu, so stereo killer fire can ensure that hit the United States aircraft carrier battle group.

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