China from Africa: uranium and nuclear bomb dug up the mountains as important as African brothers will never forget China

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China from Africa: uranium and nuclear bomb dug up the mountains as important as African brothers will never forget China

2016-07-22 09:11:28 973 ℃

Recently the website published a picture, a picture of a broken 05 armored vehicles were attacked, the members are safe inside. Despite the hail of bullets, direct tire explode. But the armored car made in China is still safe and sound, which shows that the Chinese made armoured vehicle! And China recently also to Kenya, Zambia delivered the latest order of the wheel armored vehicles. More countries in Africa began to equip the wheeled armoured vehicle. Kenya is traditionally not the main market for Chinese army equipment, which is the first time the Kenya army is armed with China's armored vehicles:Kenya will be equipped with more Chinese army equipment.

Because in recent years, China's military equipment in this country and Russia, South Africa, the competition of similar products. As for the Zambia army, also began the latest equipment made in China, wheeled armored vehicles.

And the Sultan of Africa, early in the parade appeared in China of wheeled armored vehicles, the Sudanese army also equipped the WMZ551, and use a new turret, and equipment from Russia according to permit the production of 2A72 30 mm cannon. But Zambia, Kenya army equipment WMZ551 use what kind of turret is still in the understanding of. WMZ551 armored vehicles can be equipped with 12.7mm machine guns, 105 mm smoothbore gun, 120 mm mortars and 4 pieces of red arrow 8 anti tank missiles.

6 x 6 rounds WMZ551 may be exported to more countries in Africa, the Chinese military industry sources said there are more African countries are with China negotiations on the import of this armored vehicles, and 8 * 8 rounds of armored vehicles compared, 6 * 6, 4 * 4 wheel armoured car cheap, suitable for in African terrain, the state of the economy. And equipped with a variety of turret. Northern Industrial Company sources said that in the world's 6 x 6 round of armored vehicles, WMZ551 armored vehicles equipped with turret, you can choose the most weapons systems.

China in Namibia built rocket orbit observation station, and a new batch of the J-7 -NM fighter to the Namibian air force. In Kenya, China was the first to offer a WMZ551 wheeled armored vehicle to the African country. In addition, Uganda is also rich in uranium resources. A large number of uranium resources have been found in the central region and the southwest region,Uranium resources are necessary to make a nuclear bomb, so it is very important.

In recent years, China has strengthened its military relations with Uganda. The Uganda army won the Chinese production of new type 85IIM main battle tank. In addition, China in recent years is also actively to the African continent sell ballistic missiles, China in the South African Military exhibition introduced P-12 short-range ballistic missile related data, hoping to sell this missile to China and Uganda is China hopes to key into the arms market. China provide main battle tanks and other heavy weapons to Uganda and from Uganda to obtain a considerable number of copper resources.

In Namibia, China in addition to obtain construction rocket ground monitoring stations, through to barter way from Namibia gained large deposits of copper. Local sources said, Chinese not only from Namibia imports of copper, but also imports of unwrought copper. China also imported uranium resources from Namibia. As for Tanzania, the traditional Chinese military equipment has been the use of the country, the second liberation army in africa.China's acquisition of a large amount of copper and wood from Tanzania.

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