U. S. general: only Russia can destroy the United States one day China will not work! Because Russia has super monster

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U. S. general: only Russia can destroy the United States one day China will not work! Because Russia has super monster

2016-07-21 01:03:54 582 ℃

China, Russia and the United States is the strongest in the world of nuclear weapons and intercontinental missile countries, but the United States Army chief mark mile general said Russia is the only have the strength to destroy the state of the United States, and China has no such strength.

This also shows that the United States is the most afraid of Russia, the United States, the most afraid of Russia? Russia has the world's largest super nuclear bomb, the bomb, which is the power of the explosion of 1 tons of super monster.

Power is the Hiroshima atomic bomb 62000 times, one down, the United States, a state of New York can basically completely disappeared from the map.

If the outbreak of nuclear war, is the Russian warheads of cruise missile, the United States can not stand. A Russian nuclear submarines to carry more than 12 to 24 pieces of nuclear missiles, each missile have 5-8 guided nuclear warheads. Each warhead have hundreds of thousands - megaton explosion equivalent and can cover all the major cities in America.

For a city, the equivalent of a bomb down, if the weather is appropriate, high population density, do not consider underground defense works, the destruction of nuclear bombs will be doubled, the number of deaths will not be estimated.

The reason is that, as we all know, the destruction of nuclear warheads to soft targets is equivalent to one million tons of equivalent (EMT) to represent the. This is because the nuclear warhead explosion energy is released around the ball to the surrounding, the ground target damage only a part of the energy.

Equivalent increase to 12 times, the damage is only 3 times, equivalent waste amazing. In order to make full use of the payload of the missile, more in order to make full use of uranium resources, to reduce the cost of a huge production of nuclear warheads equivalent waste, equivalent is not the bigger the better.

With small equivalent multiple warheads, especially MITRV can arrange the burst point spacing and layout. The approximate circular big city goals, available 3 pieces of 20 million tons equivalent of the slug attacks, and the burst point triangular, as long as the fry right, damage effect quite in pieces of 1 100 megaton nuclear warhead explosion effect.

The Russians had thousands of pieces of bomb and second in the world, the strategic nuclear submarine force, China is only 260 bombs and five boats of the new strategic nuclear submarines. Therefore, the United States is more afraid of russia. China's advantage is that China is still increasing submarine launched nuclear intercontinental missiles.

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