Check China earliest special forces: no designation, no prisoners come and go without leaving a trace!

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Check China earliest special forces: no designation, no prisoners come and go without leaving a trace!

2016-07-22 09:15:40 417 ℃

Special forces is the world's most powerful forces in combat efficiency, but also on the planet most mysterious forces, like the United States Navy Seals, although the people widely mentioned, but people is difficult to really understand seal commandos, for China's special forces in the western media also has a lot of suspicion, although China has announced their own special forces designation and combat missions and other information, but in their reports, this is not China's special forces the force at the core, China special forces in the execution of tasks may be far more than people imagine.

Can best be recognized is early in the war of liberation, Zhou Enlai was founded China's first team with special operations forces Shanghai red team, in order to prevent hostile to the Communist Party of China internal penetration, the guardian of the people's army of the fruits of the victory of the revolution, Zhou Enlai chose some body vigorous marksmanship ecstatic established Shanghai red team, these people in the face of the enemy molecules or the implementation of the mandate of the division, very few people know their whereabouts, but almost every time can successfully complete the task, which also makes the enemy infiltration activities has been contained, until recent years unit designation was people understand.

And a kind of argument is early in during the period of the Anti Japanese War, the Chinese have a special anti Japanese armed forces, that is behind the wugongdui, they have no fixed unit designation, there is no clear mandate, which is different from the general military mission is their general travel of cross dressing and equipment at the time of the advanced 20 ring bokeqiang, in the Japanese stronghold and occupied area of operations, of course, there is no some TV drama exaggerated so magical, but for Japan's key facilities and traffic line, behind the wugongdui were special consideration and field forces and the militia force, Japan in China's aggression is not unscrupulous of the.

The true sense of the formation of Chinese special forces to start from the Vietnam War in Vietnam jungle and test complex terrain, while relying on the combat capability of troops Chinese Legion powerful victory, but Vietnam team tactics and the ability to make China consciousness to the formation of a special force of real significance. Thus based on the experience in the Vietnam War, China began the formal establishment of the special forces, at first, most are from Vietnam battlefield scout, rich combat experience and the Vietnam team's understanding, and in the period of Anti Japanese War accumulation, Chinese had a set of complete special forces training methods, special forces the predecessor of modern China is more in Vietnam in the scout, during the execution of the task also retained the traditional no prisoners come and go without leaving a trace.