Hot circle of friends of the "Ge You paralysis", please stand up here!

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Hot circle of friends of the "Ge You paralysis", please stand up here!

2016-07-22 09:15:57 334 ℃

Recently, "Ge You paralysis" became popular overnight

The general public said

"Lying on the sofa, unconscious will become a kind of paralysis"

In fact, it seems to relax

ActuallyInjury of lumbar spine

Affect the normal physiological curve of the human body

Such a long lie, will lie down a problem!

The upgraded version of "Beijing" paralysis "

International Cultural paralysis

Today, brother to bring you the seaweedA magic weapon

Amway to the boys in the river collapsed

With it, will be able toMake you confident, Shen remodeling



Yeah, that's it.

"Queue order"

To say how much it is

So many years, countless young people through its baptism

CultivateStand like a pine, sit like a clock, walk like the windStyle of

Become numerous paralysis elder brother in the heart of the male god goddess


First typeStand as loose

Original text:

Please refer to the latest version.

Feet with closer, and Qi, two toes outward separated by about 60 degrees; legs straightened; lower abdomen micro, natural chest; upper body upright, micro forward; two shoulders should be flat, slightly back Zhang; arms drooping naturally straight, the fingers are closed natural slightly bent, with the thumb tip attached to in the finger in the second section, refers to the affixed to the seams of a trouser leg; head to is, neck should be straight, the mouth closed, mandibular micro close, eyes look straight ahead.

Moves on:

Stand, is the basis of all martial arts

Allows you to reshape the natural curve of the spine

Stand like a pine tree of indomitable spirit!


Goddess for your multi angle demonstration


Stand with a gun


On a moving car, so still


second formSit like a clock

Original text:

Left leg in the right leg cross and sit down quickly (sitting on a stool, hear the password, left foot left apart about one foot long. Female soldiers with dress sitting on a stool, two legs natural Binglong), finger natural Binglong placed on knees, upper body upright.

Moves on:

Keep the body posture unchanged

Sitting on a stool

Hands naturally above the knees

Say nothing more

directKOGe You paralysis"


Third typeLine of wind

It is complicated, the one or two sentence is not clear

Directly above


Boy, come to the Navy!

Packet learning package!

Editor: Jason

Picture: from the network and contemporary naval picture gallery

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