Vietnam Air Force China defected to the whole incident: Vietnamese fighters scrambled can not catch the helicopter

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Vietnam Air Force China defected to the whole incident: Vietnamese fighters scrambled can not catch the helicopter

2016-07-22 09:16:03 460 ℃

In self-defense against Vietnam War, Vietnam not only in military strength has been further containment, Vietnam began continuous reflection, launched the war in Vietnam is Vietnam itself, and bring the war to the negative effect also began in forces continue to spread, until 1981, flight in the history of the world famous defection incident occurred, the incident also led directly to the Vietnam's own change of the management in the army. The event was also the air forces of the world rare justice defection.

For the external events have many different versions, because of the Communist Party of China formulate the Vietnamese pilots make unconventional choices, also some people said is because China continue to increase the temptation to efforts that Vietnamese pilots to make a risky move, including after the incident in Vietnam accused defected pilot in Vietnam in domestic is guilty of murder, and hope that the Chinese could be deported, of course, in the understanding of the jamboree pilot in Vietnam, to the requirements of the state of Vietnam rejects the. In watching the incident, saying with its is the defection than planned defected, dissatisfaction with the Vietnamese military reached the limit of time, when Vietnam warrant officer air mechanic Huang Chun group with other nine engineer driving a advanced helicopters defected to China.

In the ten, Joe Lu Qing is a key figure, his father was a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, there have been a period of time was sent to Chinese for further study, Joe Qing Lu and I experienced the reunification of North and South Vietnam War and for the neighboring countries of the war of aggression, war began to make his thoughts changed, he Vietnam began to reflect on the plot group there is a big difference for war propaganda and the reality of war, and even can be said to have been completely deviated from the necessity of the war, the conflict and contradiction, Joe Qing Lu finally combined with other 9 senior engineers to Chinese, and they all the preparatory work is an old battery and compass.