The people of the island, fishermen, Cai Yingwen, in the dry?

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The people of the island, fishermen, Cai Yingwen, in the dry?

2016-07-22 09:22:12 579 ℃

Dinner 8 democratic generation yesterday with Taiwan military officers stationed in Taiping Island

Eight people on behalf of yesterday boarded the Taiping Island

Eight people on behalf of the blue green on behalf of the Pacific island yesterday on the island to drink "Tai Ping water"

According to Taiwan media reports, Yana Mio posted yesterday island for two hours, in addition to inspect the island defense, Taiping Hospital and park, also do is through the Pacific postal mail back to Taiwan, and drink a mouthful of "Taiping water."


In March this year, the British Financial Times correspondent sent a postcard (data)

The mailbox is Taiping island "Star", Ma Ying Jeou and its photo, Britain's Financial Times correspondent and its photo...



Ma Ying-Jeou bottled drinking water in July 14th, stressed that the peace on the island of Philippines is not a fresh water can not drink

March this year, the Reuters reporter tried to drink on the island of primary water 5 wells of fresh water (data)

Freshwater Taiping Island, on the island of Wang Dingyu customers in the mentioned in 1946, Taiping ship, the industry, the ship received the Taiping Island, the vice captain Li Dunqian in the minutes of the also mentioned, "Fu Deng Taiping Island, an island wells found, scooped a mouthful of drink, sweet and cool.

And the summary of this well is 5 well.

No. 5 well (data)

The DPP and Cai Shiying

Toshima Mio evaluation 5 well:

Clear blue, emma.

The National Party on behalf of the people Huang Zhaoshun said: "well, really good clean, quite clear!"

The DPP and Cai also personally to fetch water, drink a mouthful of praise is natural".

Jiang Qichen drank the water called "Taiping, Taiping island to prove to the world that there is water, and water to drink".<12Three>


Most people welcome the "peaceful easy", including the Taiping Island grown chicken, vegetables, beans, and steamed Taiping fish, and Taiping grass tea, even the dessert name three color ice cream in the South China Sea. Chen Ting Fei relayed commanders on the island. "This is absolutely an island, Island food for the island all one and a half months no problem, don't because of the arbitration case on the South China Sea, to the neglect of Taiping island for life function."

On behalf of the people who said that people who have seen the Taiping island will think is absolutely "island" rather than "reef", Taiping island to go mostly to expression of International Court of arbitration will be Taiping Island relegated to the discontent of the reef.

The fishermen of Pingtung, "the course of the great journey"

Pingtung fishermen spontaneously formed the protection of the sovereignty of the fleet is also starting yesterday, the course of the Pacific island. This is a trip back and forth at least ten days journey, fishermen in pocket, may also face the risk of weather, walrus and foreign vessels interference. Hard to take a walk, only because of their own sovereignty and protect their own fishing grounds". With the ship of the three Hongkong reporters in the interview after the departure of the vessel, announced on Facebook: "great journey heading punch".

Full of Ji Sheng No. 8 first port

Cai Yingwen called security conference: let the Pacific island to become a transportation and fill base"

Yesterday on Huangyan Island after returning to Taiwan, the KMT people suggested that Cai Yingwen himself declared island soil. But Democratic Progressive Party on behalf of the people Cai Shiying but think, Tsai ing Wen would have to find time to the Pacific island to inspect, Cai do planning time. "In his yard to go a walk is very normal thing." But as for when, he said there is no way to explain.

And on behalf of the people landed on the island, fishermen spontaneous group fleet to go Taiping Island nurse, Tsai ing Wen recently held a since she took office the first safety meeting, reiterated does not accept the outcome of the arbitration in the South China Sea, and for the first time the territorial disputes in the South China Sea: more specific advice, put forward "the four principles and five as", including defend fishing rights, multilateral negotiation, scientific cooperation, humanitarian aid, encourage study of the law of the sea talents etc., put forward "let the peace island to become the center for humanitarian rescue and transport base.

Taiwan Scholars: Pacific island or into the U.S. military lease?

Yesterday, Taiwan Culture University Professor Qiu Yi on Facebook said worry, the so-called "supply base" is not to the Taiping island "American concession"? Today, Professor Qiu Yi said in the Taipei studio, "the new trunk line":

Let the Pacific island as a "humanitarian relief centers and transportation and fill the base", which is Cai Yingwen's most adept at playing with the writing skills. We originally said that Cai Yingwen do not have to rent the Pacific island to the U.S. military, Cai Yingwen now do not lease the two words, she used the open two words, the Pacific island open into an international movement to make up the base". Since the "international" can be used, that if the U.S. military said to use, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, dared to speak? If the U. S. military to pull the Japanese self defense forces to come in, not on the "international"? The most important is "supply base" these four words, the supply base can not only supply materials, can also be transported staff complement, the Taiping island as American or Japanese SDF dressing, training, rotations of an important base. So that, "open Taiping island become international transport complement base" actual meaning is on loan to the United States and Japan, to become the United States and Japan in the supply base of meaning?Would like to learn more about professor Qiu Yi, please pay attention to tonight 22:00 "the new main line"!

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