Active phased array radar and new weapons to strengthen the combat capability of the -11D

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Active phased array radar and new weapons to strengthen the combat capability of the -11D

2016-07-22 09:25:16 454 ℃

Appeared on the Internet may be the -11D picture

Recently, appeared on the Internet may be wiped out -11D picture, it is domestic J-11B fighter is the significant improvement in type, may be switched to the active phased array radar, the new avionics system and airborne weapon, overall combat capability has greatly improved.

In the 1990s the Chinese air force introduced Su-27SK fighters, the aircraft flight away, strong firepower, large load, rapid access to the Chinese Air Force's favorite, not only a large number of procurement, but also the introduction of the license, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation in its own production, this is domestic J-11 fighters, first frame 2 J-11 fighters in 1998 first successfully flew, 1999 delivery of the Chinese air force, become the Chinese air force in the new century the main fighter.

In the introduction of the -11 production at the same time, the air force aircraft, Chinese and Shenyang other units set out to achieve the localization, which is compared with the f -11B, f -11B and -11A, the main contents include: the modified federated avionics system and a glass cockpit, with self-developed facelift domestic airborne pulse Doppler fire control radar. Modification of domestic airborne weapons including PL-12 active radar guided air-to-air missile PL-8B short-range air-to-air missile, modification of domestic FWS-10 turbofan engines, airborne equipment, system, material and standard parts to achieve localization, the logistics and so on, the first -11B at the end of 2003 the first flight, but did not realize the f -11B FBW system localization and it still retains the Su -27SK longitudinal fly by wire, thus limiting the combat capability, and then through domestic F-8 II act project master triaxial redundant digital fly by wire control system technology, after the preliminary technical preparation, Shenfei success on top of F -11BS equipped with domestic triaxial redundant digital fly by wire control system, thus F series - 11 realized national production, laid a solid foundation for the future development.

Chinese air force F -11 fighter

With domestic engine and airborne weapon fighters -11B fighter

The -11BS implementation of the national production

In the new century, the developed countries combat aircraft tactical and technical level has been raised, equipped with active phased array radar, a new generation of long-range air-to-air missile infrared imaging and short-range air-to-air missile, the overall combat capability of a major step forward, these weapons showed the trend of diffusion in the surrounding countries and regions China, relevant units Chinese also developed airborne active phased array fire control radar, a new generation of airborne weapon system and new weapons, equipped with above in F -16, -10C fighters, so as to provide the material foundation for the f -11 upgrade, the upgraded aircraft can be changed against the foreign three generation and three generation fighter half threat at the same time, also can make the fourth generation stealth fighter - F -20 service before the transition.

From the picture can be f -11D inclined radome saw, which indicates that the machine should be switched to the active phased array radar -AESA, according to the overseas data, Chinese air force F -16, -10C are equipped with active phased array radar, compared with the mechanical scanning radar equipped with F -11B, f -11D * AESA power with more aperture large, high sensitivity, multi objectives and multi function has a stronger, stronger detection ability, according to existing mechanical scanning radar can not play the United States Air Force launch envelope AIM-120 air-to-air missile, not to mention the more advanced AIM-120D, only when the AESA can better use of these weapons, annihilates -11D facelift AESA the enhanced aircraft BVR air combat capability.

The -11D may be switched to the active phased array radar, model IRST

May airborne infrared search and tracking system -IRST another detector update f -11D and advantages of IRST is without electromagnetic wave radiation can detect targets, which can under the fierce malfunction or radar electronic countermeasure to maintain fighter master ability to target, Su -27SK/ annihilates 11 in the equipped is Russian origin IRST, the J-11B will the localization. It uses linear device, detection range, low sensitivity, and f -11D may dress made a new generation of IRST. It adopts the large area devices array, the detecting ability of the system is improved, especially the ability to detect each other stealth aircraft.

In order to meet the new generation of detection system, the f -11D may change made a new generation of airborne weapons, according to the overseas China air force data, a new generation of airborne weapons including PL-15 remote active radar guided air-to-air missile, its biggest feature is equipped with a dual pulse solid rocket motor, compared with the active air-to-air missile solid rocket engine, double pulse the characteristics of the solid rocket engine is the biggest engine in the terminal trajectory can continue to work, so that the missile can still maintain a certain speed, so as to have enough energy to improve the dynamic performance of the missile engine, compared with the traditional solid rocket engine, its advantage is reflected in the multiple times ignition, work time and energy allocation more reasonable, thus expanding the missile launch envelope.

May be a picture of the PL-15 missile, it is a new generation of domestic fighter in the distance to intercept the missile

PL-10 has become a new generation of domestic fighter dogfight air-to-air missile

Dogfight, f -11D may will use domestic pl-10 infrared imaging guided short-range air-to-air missile alternative active pl-8 air-to-air missile, compared and the multi-element infrared guidance system, pl-10 the infrared imaging guidance system with higher sensitivity, detection ability stronger can better against stealth targets, with thrust vector technology, with better maneuverability and larger off-axis emission angle, confrontation with the goal of high mobility.

Through facelift AESA, new weapons and modification, so as to improve the overall combat capability of F 11D can better against F/A-18E/FBLOCK2 such three and half generation fighter, so the Chinese air force can consider the existing F-11B according to J -11D standards for avionics and weapon upgrades, in order to enhance the combat capability of the active F-11B.

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