The Liberation Army artillery and a ring of the United States Navy turned to escape from the Chinese territorial sea and then dare not dare to enter the baseline

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The Liberation Army artillery and a ring of the United States Navy turned to escape from the Chinese territorial sea and then dare not dare to enter the baseline

2016-07-21 01:08:01 415 ℃

We all know that China has a land area of 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers, but also has more than 3 million square kilometers of sea area. In old China Ocean area which is far from being so large, even the river is the battleship powers under the pretext of international practice swagger want to, want to go worst-case scenarios. On April 20, 1949, I was brave to support the Yangtze crossing campaign artillery units for the first time with the shells severely lessons of the was in the Yangtze River on Lai does not walk "Amethyst" provocative moves by British warships, made "Amethyst", 17 people were killed, 20 people seriously injured; "partner", death 10 people and injured 12 people. "London" death 15 people and injuring 13 people; "black swan" injured seven brilliant victories, the artillery of PLA played the momentum, to get rid of the British warships, also announced the warships of the great powers in the Chinese inland rampage of the so-called international practice end.

However inland problem solved, maritime issues still exist, old China is still Three Mile territorial sea in the so-called international practice, which is equal to powers are still can be in the nose freedom of navigation, important in the Bohai Sea has become the high seas, old Chinese was not strength can only be bullied by foreign powers, new China has to say: do not! In the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea China defeated the so-called United Nations, let new China firmly foothold on land, so maritime rights and interests we want to how to get it back? Grandpa Mao his old man's house in 1958 said a word: "to national security and prosperity, there should be a wide territorial waters." Because China's coast artillery range in the 12 nautical miles above, so our country to develop China's territorial sea width of 12 nautical miles.

In this way the most reluctant is only 3 miles of the United States, because the United States still behind fled to Taiwan area Chiang bandits, China so dries, even in the United States Kinmen can enter; which undoubtedly stimulate to the United States, immediately said refused to admit, U. S. fleet still I I in Kinmen cruising, and collaborated with the US air force, Chiang Kai Shek bandit in the Strait held intimidation exercises. Grandpa Mao deeply without use of force is not get back what belongs to own and so on August 23, 1958, the famous 8.23 shelling Jinmen campaign opened the curtain, ready for the U. S. Navy took the opportunity to test authenticity I 12-3 in the sea, sent warships in the guise of escort Jiang Feijun warship to temptation, grandpa Mao calm command ye Fei Jiang Feijun only, not escorting a U. s.ship test tactics, results of our army artillery sound, such as frightened us immediately dropped Chiang Kai Shek bandit, turned and fled, the original U.S. Navy early orders, as long as the people's Liberation Army opened fire, be sure to immediately withdrew from the battlefield, back to the high seas, no fire. In the ensuing firefight period, the US Navy is firmly abide by this command, do not enter 3 nautical miles. In September 4th of the same year, China officially announced that China's territorial sea is 12 nautical miles. In December 16, 1978 the establishment of Sino US diplomatic relations after the withdrawal of all U.S. forces in 1979 in taiwan. Till today still never reconciled to a US Navy every excuse to "freedom of navigation" will find Chinese Navy warships will firmly follow, only outside the 12 mile territorial sea dabble in side of the ball, because it knows that after entering China really will be fired!

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