4 years, the first time to see his son, even in the TV

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4 years, the first time to see his son, even in the TV

2016-07-21 01:12:42 356 ℃

Son of television

Li Wu Xiaowen, Huang Feng, Yan Rongqi

The fifty-fourth army brigade fighting Niu Xu worked on the dam. Photo by photo

"Look at this face pallid, watching the day I was so worried about you. You said to flood don't tell me to say......" Gently touch phone several son flood of TV shots, while speaking, Hui Li Wang tears and couldn't take it off.

4 years, did not expect the first time to see his son Niu Xu figure, will be on tv.

July 17, Hui Li Wang belt with a car full of gifts, drove more than 300 km, came to Hubei reduced river levee mandibular 54 group army in a Travelodge camp, the visit is here flood the soldier son Niu Xu and his comrades.

The fifty-fourth army brigade fighting Niu Xu worked on the dam. Photo by photo

Find Niu Xu son, mother Wang Huili did a lot of twists and turns. "Xu Xu, where are you now? I see a lot of troops in the flood on TV, you are not going to flood?" July 4th night, has not received two weeks of the son of the phone Wang Huili finally called the cow Xu phone. In the face of a series of questions, he did not directly answer: "Mom, you and dad do not have to worry about me, I am now very good, I am a little busy, do not say ah." At this time, Niu Xu and his comrades have become a river embankment in 5 days of continuous fighting. Son in words let Wang Huili dodge insomnia, "what's the son, this time so busy? It must be that we don't want us to worry."

Born in 1996, Niu Xu, family conditions are well-off, the mother Wang Huili operates a number of chain stores. As an only child, Niu Xu grew up a fullness of life. After joining the army in 2012, due to the work of practical, serious, second years into the party, for two consecutive years was recognized as outstanding soldiers.

In July 6th, Hubei city of Hanchuan province diaochahu dam danger. After receiving the notice, Niu Xu's army of more than 200 officers and soldiers rushed to rush to the rescue. Arrived at the scene, the lake has swept over the breakwater, the water level is still on the rise, many dam soil is loose, dam central position a large basin of piping keep out water seepage, if not handled in a timely manner, at any time dam. One of the first jumped into the waist of the lake Niu Xu as commando members, with the body and sandbags plugging piping. After 2 hours of continuous fighting, and finally the piping was blocked. And rescue the day after, was also a local TV reporter shot down, and broadcast in the news of the day, Niu Xu also so much a "workaholic" in the title.

The Niu Xu and his comrades to watch the media reports about the flood rescue brigade.

A map: Hubei TV "Hubei news".

Coincidentally, the news broadcast on that day just also be seen by his father's colleagues. Not long after, his colleagues will put the news footage of the screenshot to Wang Huili two came over. When Wang Huili didn't believe, Asahi cattle is not training to busy, but the flood. She was in a hurry to call Niu Xu, "one, two, three... A dozen, no one to play through." Originally due to the scene of danger is critical. Niu Xu in piping sealing and didn't carry a cell phone, the lake into mobile phone cause damage to the line. Anxiety, worry, fear...... Thinking of his son in the back wall of sandbags, flood levee piping, Wang Huili night insomnia.

The fifty-fourth army brigade fighting Niu Xu (right). Photo by photo

July 10, Niu Xu in embankment on the rest, with his comrades around the mobile phone landed on the micro channel, see is "son, quick reply; son, I see you to flood the, mother wants to you..." See the mother sent to the more than and 60 WeChat, Niu Xu felt at this time has been unable to conceal. "Mom, I'm sorry, I didn't tell you the truth. But now I'm not just your son, I also belong to the state, I will guard the levee and his comrades. You don't have to worry about me, waiting for me to come back, I will certainly come back to you!"

Seeing his son's message, Wang Huili and his wife were both happy and distressed. After careful consideration, Hui Li Wang decided to relief line to visit those who fought in flood levee soldier son who, after many inquiries, she finally found the flood where the son Niu Xu levee. See just the end of the task, a tired son, Wang Huili could not help but shed tears: "son has changed, more sensible, but also more to play the!"