China's only white air force general, without him, 96 years is really going to have an accident!

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China's only white air force general, without him, 96 years is really going to have an accident!

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General Lin Hu, Russian, was born in 1927 in Shandong of Zhaoyuan. Lin Hu father early northeast, met a Russian girl, so Lin Hu looks like a foreigner. In 1988, Lin Hu was awarded the Chinese Air ForceLt.Rank, former Chinese peopleliberation armyDeputy commander of the air force.

11 years old, when a small eight road, had shot down the U.S.

General Lin Hu childhood unfortunately, father and brother have frozen to death, the mother died, sister being led away. He was later adopted by a family surnamed Lin family named Lin Yinsheng, great hope in the future. Forest of his family is not good, in 1938, only 11 years old, Lin Hu home run away to join the army, stem from the "Ba Lu, military leaders giving him the name Lin Hu, intended to let him become strong, anti Japanese national salvation, as soon as possible to become the national pillar of the state.

After the outbreak of the Korean War, Lin Hu with young Chinese air force abroad with the U. s.military operations. In the Korean War, Lin Hu courageously fighting, the machine down U.S. warplanes frame number, become combat hero. Funny is that when the Soviet air force secret supportA volunteerAnd when they see dressedA volunteerWhen he was in the air force's clothing, he stopped him for a good reason. "Why did the Soviet people wear Chinese clothes?"

A few bottles of wine [Moutai] Su 27 orders

After the reform and opening up. China takes economic construction as the center, Deng Xiaoping put forward"armyTo endure a tolerance". However, the Gulf War in 1991 to ChinaarmySounded the alarm, fully equipped with Soviet style advanced equipment in IraqarmyBy the US air force. This was so equipped with old uncle Jian J six air force China inferior by comparison. Leadership put forward to buy equipment! But were hostile to the West China, to China of military blockade, can buy advanced equipment only Soviet Su 27. However, when Su 27 belongs to the world's most advanced fighter of, the Soviet air force is not equipped for long, people is not willing to sell, do not want to let you look at. Thus, the air force sent a special delegation to the negotiations, the general is also in the column.All knowhairSub Chinese wine, but wine culture is broad and profound. Delegation contracts and capital, but also to bring the Wuliangye and Maotai, the negotiating table and wine two pronged, abruptly put the purchase contract to drink down! At that time aliberation armyDirectly to thehairThe son of a number of representatives to drink down under the table to go!

[70 Su 30 old but vigorous, driving off doing Cobra action! ]

Legend general Lin Hu is his enduring. 1997 air show in Moscow, Russia at the new advanced fighter Su 30. The show, the Russian fighter pilots and free to show a variety of skills. 70 year old general looked at the heart of the itch, while asking for a ride to his entourage 30, to meet their own control of the four generation machine for many years. Russia is pleased to answer, the old general then the aircraft off, even made a stunning 120 degree Cobra action. Wow!

Thanks to the efforts of general Lin Hu, China successfully purchased 48 aircraft Su-27 fighter, the success of the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis solution set a Hanmagonglao. It is fear of the Su 27 strong combat capability, Taiwan and his employer America did not dare to act rashly! Add toWeChatPersonal number jds0310, more money, more to contribute to the defense of the defense, so that our children's soldiers with better weapons to defend the country!