F-22 is no longer a single big military expert to help you analyze whether the U.S.

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F-22 is no longer a single big military expert to help you analyze whether the U.S.

2016-07-21 01:15:10 416 ℃

China's j-20 fighter is about to serve is certainly not what the news, regardless of the j-20 production will exist what problem, but the j-20 has created the history of the Chinese people: in fighter plane the most advanced areas of China is in the process of catching up with Americans in. The -20 production will break the U.S. F-22 "alone big" situation!

The j-20's service not only the Chinese people for the first time entered the ranks of the fourth generation fighter "club", but beyond the Russians, because the Russian T-50 is still in a state of "groping" stage. The j-20's service will undoubtedly greatly enhance the strength of the Chinese air force, also can let the Chinese air force and navy in response to America's F-22 and F-35 fighter more confident.

Military expert Gu Huoping introduced, in addition to the United States, Japan will also be officially equipped with F-35 at the end of this year. The United States for the production of Japan's first f-35a line, will be transferred to Luke Air Force Base at Arizona, the base is American and foreign f-35a fighter pilot training center, Japan Air Self Defense Force first f-35a fighter pilots will be the type of aircraft operation technique in this study, it is estimated that at the end of this year, the Japanese air self defense force can be in the local airport off their f-35a.

Japan's military hopes for the F-35A can be said to be very eager, military commentator Gu Huoping introduced,This is because the Japanese air self defense force active duty fighter for the MITSUBISHI assembly F-15J and F-4EJ, which is the main model is F-15J. Postwar Japan has used to enjoy the technical superiority of naval equipment in Northeast Asia, not to mention not to China in the eyes, is Russia, too, not to mention, because the Japanese believe that only can beat the Russians is air equipment, especially fighter series!

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. fifth generation fighter R & D program has been officially postponed, while the United States instead launched the F-22 reproduction program. This may because Air China's j-20 coming into service, a distinct American felt by the immediate threat, and take "more mature" F-22 "re processing", the United States continues to lead the way in China and Russia.

According to foreign media reports, in February 2016, a U.S. military base in Japan F-22 fighter aircraft into China offshore area, was found by the Chinese air force, the Chinese Air Force dispatched a fighter jet on MAQI. In fact, F-22 stealth performance is relative, rather than absolute, absolutely not at any time and in any case can achieve stealth. So, it is wrong to despise F-22 of course, but the myth of F-22 is stupid.