The name China army strong firepower but not in India? China immediately sent after the India heavy artillery suddenly quiet

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The name China army strong firepower but not in India? China immediately sent after the India heavy artillery suddenly quiet

2016-07-21 01:19:18 963 ℃

(rocket fire drills in the picture)

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Lead:Rocket has been an important weapon of the Chinese army and rocket artillery units, recently China's official media reported said China in a highland theater complete new rockets long-distance raid, worthy of note is the use of rockets and we don't see the new Rockets guard - 3, is still A-200 rocket series,But the training we found is the old rockets actually hit the more than 100 kilometers outside diameter is only 30 meters goal, visible performance is quite good.

Chinese rocket development to what extent?

This time we see the A-200 rocket. The rocket used to strike deep inside enemy cluster target and point target, the rocket the advanced GPS / INS integrated guidance mode, the head body separation technology and realize the maneuver ability, accuracy has been greatly improved, using the overall blast warhead circular error of less than 30 meters, the use of shrapnel circumference error is less than 45 meters. This type of rocket range increased to 200 kilometers, its accuracy has reached the mainstream level of short-range ballistic missiles.

Earlier, China also exported country ws-2 rocket, ws-2 rocket launch 400 mm rocket, the maximum range of 200 km, but there are also reports that it can reach a maximum range of 350 km. Later, we increased investment to develop the WS-2B type, WS-2C type and WS-2D type. The WS-2B type is a 200 meter range version of the improved model. WS-2C type rocket range up to 350 km, the rocket uses GPS seeker. WS-2D rocket a maximum range of 400 kilometers, also uses GPS guidance.

The high-end rocket debut, comparable to the missile

The seventeenth Zhuhai airshow, inChina first exhibited at SY400 Condor long-range guided rocket launcher system.Its rear is equipped with a 8 bursts of transmitter that is SY400. but Chinese military companies and not very detailed presentation is given, only simple said: This is a used to equip the army battalion level and above the remote land combat system.

The United States, "defense news" recently reported that the liberation army of the newly developed land surface to surface distance against controllable rocket system. It will be applied to the army of the people's Liberation Army. The United States this predicted that the new long-range rocket gun system because its rocket uses inertial navigation + active radar guidance system therefore firing accuracy higher. Its maximum precision range is expected to reach about 350-420 km. In addition, it can also be configured with a large area of the warhead, used to combat large-scale build-up of enemy troops.

Large diameter WM-80 type 273 mm rockets

The type wm-80 273 mm rocket launcher system is in the type 83 base 273 mm rocket launcher system based on the development of the long-range rocket gun system, is China's newly research one of the made of MLRS. The whole system is made up of rocket launch vehicle and ammunition supply vehicle. The rocket launch vehicle adopts the TA-550 (6*6) cross-country truck chassis, and the transmission device assembly is arranged on a rotary disk which is located at the back of the vehicle.

The author notes that is before the exercise American "national interest" website for the latest reports said Chinese Army become the world a comprehensive combat capability is very strong forces, which are based on service in China large quantities of advanced weapons, but with irony is, alleging China in combat experience with neighboring India gap is huge. This is a China plateau made the best response to the artillery unit.

From the perspective of the Chinese army, Chinese rocket launcher service number is far more than India, although India in China surrounding a large number of troops, but China Plateau District unit of the new column installed a large number of mountain battle advanced weapons, military experts have pointed out that the level of China's rocket development strength than similar countries, although source technology in the Soviet Russia, but we put totally subverts the concept of rocket, rocket firing accuracy more and more toward the direction of the missile in the direction of the development, has reached ten meters level, to respond to the threat of India.


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