What is not an artifact of B6 fight against the carrier is basically.

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What is not an artifact of B6 fight against the carrier is basically.

2016-07-21 01:32:49 618 ℃

Don't we need K B6, anti-ship attack aircraft combat

These days, the network said the most in addition to the exact message of the anti - ship ballistic missiles, I am afraid that is already Po to a news network home of the detonation 6K.

As we can see from the video and pictures, detonation 6K fairing replaced opaque, estimated to be equipped with a new sea search radar. And beneath the wing, there have been some very stunning figures, including these days is said to be hot Eagle - 12 supersonic anti-ship missiles. In this way, the parties set off a climax, which is said the most, is the "carrier killer B6 K".

Indeed, Eagle -12 is obviously a good missile, from the shape of the analysis, this is not the performance of missile. Even a conservative estimate, at least 2 Maher's cruise speed and a 200 kg warhead. So the question is, why not take the eagle -12 B6 K?

To know that in the large bombers in conventional warfare, primary task is the standoff with long-range cruise missiles hit and other air strike missions almost all these expensive strategic forces. While carrying the short-range anti ship missile against the sea, it is very difficult to understand. Aircraft carrier battle group fighter patrols far exceeds the general anti-ship missile has a range of and H6 and do not have the ability of high speed and low altitude penetration, in the face of the enemy fighter also does not have any ability to defend itself. Speaking of which, I believe we all understand, 6K is at best a missile test platform, or the concept of remote patrol, does not have a very reliable anti ship combat. K or B6 must honestly hang cruise missiles, bombers should do anything to do.

In summary, although the boom 6K frequently appeared, but after all, is not a suitable anti ship models. China frequently toss H6 K, obviously is to the new bomber to accumulate experience, with H6 the mature shell, let the next generation bomber to become professional cruise missile platform. And the high performance of anti-ship missile, only in the high performance fighter bombers can play the best performance, shot anti-ship can combat, not beautiful.

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