The new ship China Navy kept launching the original high-speed development has been basically solved the problem of the

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The new ship China Navy kept launching the original high-speed development has been basically solved the problem of the

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On the Chinese naval surface naval power system

About a bit, there are steam power, diesel power, diesel fuel power, and after the burning power.

Steam power: the use of old large surface warships

Anshan class / Soviet proud, 2 steam turbines, a total of 48000 horsepower.

The type 051, steam turbine powered two 453 type steam turbine, four sets of 454 type boiler, 453 type steam turbine imitation from the kotlin tb-8, single power 36000 horsepower, total power 72000 horsepower.

Type 051B/C, steam turbine power type 453B, 2 units a total of 94000 horsepower.

"Modern class" ship, steam turbine power GTZA-674, 2 units of a total of 100000-104000 horsepower.

System evolution

Soviet tb-8 (kotlin using 2, single 36000 horsepower) TB-12 (tb-8 subsequent models Varyag / Liaoning, use 4 single 45000 horsepower) TB-12 improved GTZA-674 (modern level using 2, single 50000 horsepower).

China's 453 (imitation TB-8 051 using two units, a single 36000 HP), 453B (453 development type 051C 051B using two single 47000 horsepower).

Above are steam turbine power, the Soviet Union TB-8 1212 changed (674) descent. China 453453B lineage is introduced diesel and gas turbine combined and the COGAG before large-scale Chinese naval battle warship main power system. At the same time, it is also used to prepare the power system for the aircraft carrier. Before without introducing gas turbine, steam turbine power is the only for medium and large surface combatant ships equipped with power, although the technology is old, the earliest imported from the Soviet Union, but after decades of development, has to find out thoroughly, even after the introduction of gas turbine, on the 051C play the heat. At the same time, in the modern and Liaoning also equipped with a steam turbine of the same origin, basically, can be seen as the inheritance and extension of the Soviet line of descent.

Diesel powered: the use of a security guard

Type 053, diesel powered CODAD, 390v series, imitation British Ao class; different periods 053 series difference, engine also 390v series products of different periods, the 2 league outfit, the two 12E390 diesel engine continued 14400 horsepower, two 18E390A diesel, the reversible rate more than 20000 horsepower

054/054A, diesel powered CODAD, Shaanxi Diesel 16PA6STC diesel engine, the French SEMT.Pielstick authorized production (and the La Fayette class host for the same series of products). 4 units with a total power of about 20000KW (27000 HP)

056, the total power of diesel power CODAD 12200KW (a specific type of unknown, there may still be a Shaanxi Diesel 16PA series, of unknown origin)

More than 3 of the Chinese Navy's main escort ship, are diesel powered. Various sources. European system based. It can be seen, in small tonnage (relative to the same period of large tonnage destroyers) of the escort ship, the use of diesel engines in the economy more favorable, but also more secure foundation.

Diesel fuel power: 052 series of main power, but also the main driving force model of the two generation destroyer.

Type 052, diesel combustion combined CODOG. 2 United States GE general power LM2500 a total of 55000 horsepower, 2 German 20V956TB92 MTU diesel engine, a total of 10420 horsepower.

052, because Western blockade did not follow the re introduction of the lm2500 (attracted a total of 5 sets, 4 sets of the ship), 052a ran aground, instead from Ukraine introduction GT25000 (introduced 10 sets of 12 sets. Types of Ukraine DA80. Compared with the lm2500, total power, but technical details have gap), China imitation model QC280. At the same time, subsequent MTU diesel engine by German MTU company authorized Shaanxi diesel production, Shaanxi diesel diesel powered Tingduo, Hudong seems to have ever produced.

052B/C/D type, firewood burning combined CODOG. 2 Ukraine GT25000 gas turbine, a single 24600 kW (33500 HP), a total of 67000 HP, 2 V956 TB92 MTU-20 diesel engine power 10420.

Can be seen as China's second generation of surface battleship destroyer, quick start, good acceleration performance of the gas turbine is essential, but also, because of the lack of technical strength, domestic high performance ship gas turbine has been restricted foreign, only GT25000 production later, only the large number of warship equipment, possibility of warship batch service. At the same time, or because of the size of the GT25000 is limited by the size and power, after the equipment two units, the second generation of the basic capacity of the destroyer is maintained at 6000 tons, the platform has also decided to build. But a huge leap from B to D, which shows that China's naval engineering personnel on the 6000 tons of this platform has been fully mastered, with the tonnage of the world's first.

COGAG 055 series 4 QC280, a total of 130000 horsepower.

With the successful mass production and the use of the QC280 (052D two), the 4 units of the QC280 component of the burning of the combined power on the ship is no longer a dream, but also laid the foundation for the platform. And American from Ticonderoga, Spruance. Ali Burke class guided missile destroyers began, has been using 4 League outfit lm2500 power, total power of 100000 horsepower, with the continuous development of warships and the lm2500, tonnage from 8000 tons also on the rise, to Japanese atago class and Korean Sejong the great class, with 4 League outfit lm2500 + has, full tonnage has over a million. In China, after the QC280 production, because the power is higher, so it can support greater use of warships.

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