China cornered wayward create version 80 box cannon firing rate: designed to hit an opponent and design

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China cornered wayward create version 80 box cannon firing rate: designed to hit an opponent and design

2016-07-21 01:34:39 1299 ℃

Presumably central Czechoslovakia mature military production capacity of all of you have heard, early in World War II, when this is a been born out of a national excellent military equipment, especially to firearms. In the 1960s, when the Czech again with a unique vision for non frontline combat personnel developed a weight light but than the pistol more effective weapons of Defense -- M61 scorpion submachine gun, this gun is no suspense rapidly popular in the world. Because of the small size of the fire is very impressive. It is considered to be a near ideal weapon fighting, only in the years 1962-1979 on production of 21 million subsequent modification is countless, quickly occupied a place in the world in the field of firearms.

And as a socialist camp in Eastern Europe countries in the production of firearms, it flows into the 1980s Laoshan round war today it belongs to the reason the, but then is in the beginning of reform and opening up of our army units really in Laoshan frontline experience more army agents in the hands of the "scorpion" submachine gun but was beaten senseless. Because it really too short and pithy, even called it submachine guns are a bit of a misnomer and should be called a submachine gun, but when its near distance suffered 850 / anti-aircraft speed and rapid response capability, our army is facing disadvantages can be imagined. Eventually when I PLA import "Cymbeline" artillery locating radar encounter 821 agent group attack on the Vietnamese army destroyed. A series of new domestic firearms development process accelerated rapidly, which is known as the 79/85 micro punching, but there is a fresh known submachine gun.

As early as in prior to the 1970s, our army will sprout development a 54 pistol alternative types of ideas, and when later frontline troops encountered the army of the scorpion submachine gun design idea more firepower to tilt developed a can compete with firearms has become the primary consideration, and before the equipment of our army had only submachine gun is the Mauser pistol. Eventually to be called the domestic box cannon 80 pistol arises at the historic moment. The whole gun heavy 1.37kg, a range of 100m, bursts of firing rate 1157 / points, using 51 type 7.62mm pistol, 10 rounds of self-defense and 20 rounds of fighting two magazine, and is equipped with two detachable buttstock (holster / Dagger butt) and transform transmit mode is very convenient.

Even from today's point of view, 80 pistols are very much in line with that non front line combatants design a small volume, big power, which can not only self-defense and assault battle design trends, ergonomics is also very good. The problem is gaobucheng low not. Mauser was not only in the pistol equipment behind the old Chinese army to shine? 80 type pistol in the force after the trial was quickly encountered on the fire as the 79 micro punch but larger than the size of the 54 pistol, the final force chose the mature micro punch model. However, the attempt to fill the 80 pistol in the development of China's light weapons development in this regard to make efforts for the development of a series of after the pistol was a good attempt.

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