This Chinese weapons and hit play a leading role in Iraq on unmanned combat vehicles

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This Chinese weapons and hit play a leading role in Iraq on unmanned combat vehicles

2016-08-25 19:04:50 635 ℃

Foreign media reports, the world's first foreign media reports, Iraq has two brothers to build an armored fighting vehicle, can be carried out a variety of remote control.

The most amazing is that the Chinese weapon has become the protagonist of this chariot.

It is said that this pair of brothers to use this unmanned combat vehicles to participate in the ongoing fighting in Mosul area, the attack extremist militants, the car is equipped with a heavy machine guns, two rocket launchers.

This is a heavy machine gun, is China's 12.7 type 77 mm heavy machine guns.

The unmanned combat vehicles was named Alrobot. Chinese transliteration of exactly like "Oh La Porte", approaching the size of golf car battery -- because it is in front of a similar heat sink structure, is likely to be based on small displacement gasoline scooter. The vehicle has a turret, the central installation of a 77 type heavy machine gun, on both sides of the beam with a rocket launcher. Because the video is more vague, the rocket launcher model can not be determined.

According to reporters reported that the car with a "Pacific grand" armor. Expert analysis it is to create a communication error occurs between a and journalists, "Pacific uplift is a kind of polymeric materials, commonly used in non stick pan, and no bulletproof function. The manufacturer may say is "Kevlar" material, which is currently the most popular fabric material plates.

"Ah Laporte" unmanned vehicle body shell, the level of the family workshop has been quite good, using the tilt panel design, the ability to help. But it seems that the vehicle's protection is still very weak, may only be able to withstand the long range of rifle bullets shooting. And the turret is completely unprotected.

Reported that the car used four cameras. Video display operator with a laptop computer (below) to control the operation. It is expected that the operator through the radio communications to watch the video image of the four cameras, with a simple channel configuration for a variety of remote control of the vehicle, including the turret rotation, weapons fire. This simple rough design, it can be concluded that the shooting accuracy will be very limited.

[air force the world's original site] in respect of the use of the car in China 77 heavy machine guns, if the operator can be relatively accurate control of shooting, its lethality is still quite objective. China 77 heavy machine guns using 12.7× 108 mm heavy machine guns, using the chain for ammunition. The bullet can easily across any common civilian vehicle shell, of brick buildings and reinforced concrete buildings also have considerable penetrativeness. In addition to the sensitive areas, the 12.7 mm heavy machine gun is often used as a long-range sniper gun.

There seems to be a camera under the bottom of the unmanned tank machine gun.

It must be emphasized that many of the older, or low end of the military armored vehicles, can not resist the 12.7 mm machine gun fire. For example, China's large number of equipment of the 92 wheeled armored vehicles, it is easy to wear armor piercing 12.7 mm, the side is not able to defend 12.7 mm of ordinary ammunition.

77 type uses a very special gas blowing type automatic principle, firing bullets, high pressure gas from the barrel in the middle of the airway cited to bolt assembly, a "blow" bolt complete ejection and filling, reset action. This design is characterized by light weight, small vibration, the fault is not as reliable as the piston automatic principle. The main reason for this design is that the Chinese military has made a very stringent requirements on the weight of heavy machine guns, making the design department have to use this in the heavy machine gun on a relatively rare automatic operation principle.

[Air Force] the world's original 77 heavy machine gun, the use of the 54 heavy machine guns for the design, made a little improvement. The barrel has longitudinal heat radiating groove complex, with convenient barrel replacement handle. The front of the barrel conical muzzle brake, which is 77 type different from later equipped with a large number of important characteristics of our army's 85 heavy machine guns (below).

The successful development of the 77 heavy machine gun has temporarily solved the demand of the new heavy machine gun in our country, and has met the requirements of various performance indexes. But limited to the limitations of the development of indicators, as well as the technical ability is relatively backward, the actual use of the effect of the 77 is difficult to be satisfied. 85 heavy machine guns on the basis of a large number of improvements, a complete solution to the 77 type of the existence of a lot of defects, to get the user's welcome, so the use of large quantities of production equipment. At this point, our army has a world - class light weight, high performance 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

The heavy machine gun and its foreign trade model, has exported to a number of countries. Which in some countries these weapons by a variety of legal and illegal ways into the battlefield, this "ah La Porte" unmanned combat vehicles the type 77 heavy machine gun, that is widely used in the gun battle in this area, the side confirmed the advanced sex of the Chinese light weapons design.