The people's Liberation Army fly: Russia is willing to give the baby turned out to be the housekeeping PLA

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The people's Liberation Army fly: Russia is willing to give the baby turned out to be the housekeeping PLA

2016-07-21 01:34:50 346 ℃

According to the negotiations with China and Russia, Russia has decided to set up the Russian S-400 system and Su-35 fighter after-sales service in China in Russia, the in Vietnam and India have anti-aircraft missiles and fighters of after-sales service points.

These service centers can guarantee the normal operation of the Russian air defense missile and fighter, and can quickly solve the system update and maintenance of the Russian air defense missile purchased by these countries. Currently Russia's two handed strategy: on the one hand in the Chinese mainland to build a S-400 air defense missile system, but also in India to establish a S-400 air defense missile sales center. China will become the first country in the world to buy a S-400 air defense missile.

S-400 air defense missile system (Russian: C - 400 T69,, and - Phi "victory", NATO named for SA-21 Growler) "the triumph" air defense missile weapon system is used to destroy the electronic jamming aircraft, radar search and command (warning) machine, reconnaissance aircraft, strategic and tactical aviation aircraft, tactics and tactical ballistic missile, medium range ballistic missile, super high sonic target and other modern and prospects of air attack weapons. April 2014, Putin approved the export of S400 missiles to China, the first batch of 4 sets of. April 2015, the Russian Defense export company general manager Anatoly Isaikin said that China has become the first buyer of Russia's latest S-400 air defense system.

It is reported that China once S-400, will greatly improve the air defense capability, but also to northern India, Central Asia and other areas directly incorporated into the PLA land-based anti-aircraft fire coverage range of attack let some other small countries dare not the Leichi half step.

Another artifact is Su-35 fighters, the Sukhoi Su-35 (English: Sukhoi Su-35, Russian: kappa Y C and by Liapunov souffl C and - 35 fighter jets NATO codename "flanker - e" or "super flanker" (Flanker-E, super flanker) is the Sukhoi Design Bureau in Su-27 fighter jets based on research of the depth of the improved single seat twin engine, high mobility multipurpose heavy fighter, in generation fighter aircraft belonging to the fourth generation fighter improved models, is the fourth generation of semi fighter. November 19, 2015, Russia and China signed a supply 24 frame multi role fighter Su-35's largest military contracts and transactions amounted to 20 billion dollars.

Russian S-400 air defense missile and Su-35 fighters equipped with Chinese people's Liberation Army will undoubtedly make the people's Liberation Army unleashed, Russia also can alleviate the economic problems. But now China will no longer need to import weapons, China has the ability to independently manufacture.