India buy Sue 30 than China 2 times more than the pit? Russian media said that India should be accounted for stool Touzhaoyue

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India buy Sue 30 than China 2 times more than the pit? Russian media said that India should be accounted for stool Touzhaoyue

2016-07-21 01:34:54 383 ℃

Not long ago, French Rafale fighter exports to India, to 2 billion euros more than the price, refresh the fighter procurement price record, which makes people had to admire the French for doing business, but you really want on the up, Russian business was not bad, similar to the free Indian aircraft received only repacking fees, but paid more expensive than to build a new aircraft carrier costs is definitely not a case.

Russia exports to India amount biggest fighter, Su - 30, so far has delivered more than 200 frame, sign a contract, the price is $50 million, the actual price for 6000 million dollars or more, than at the same time China's procurement price at least one times. Anyone can see, India was once again the Russian pit. It is estimated that in the case of China, Russia will not be accounted for any cheap.

In the early 90s of last century, China imported from Russia to the Soviet Union 27, which makes India deeply pressure, but also eager to seek new fighter. In 1994, India said it was interested in purchasing a new fighter. India sent several military delegation to visit Russia, to inspect the work, after sending a formal assessment team, su-30k and MiG-31 fighter aircraft for careful evaluation.

Russia was provided, India purchasing Su 30K fighter before purchasing a group of machine, and in production license in India for subsequent batches of assembly work, but India this interest. At this time of the Soviet Union 27UB and Sue 30K type and not much difference, and at that time China has purchased a lot of Su 27UB, which makes India do not feel any advantage to China at all, asked Russia to provide more advanced fighter.

After negotiations, Russia agreed to develop a new Su fighter jet, which is later SU-30MKI aircraft. India has provided a sum of R & D costs, perhaps and the opening of China and India ordered aircraft plant in Irkutsk, Russia. The factory was originally the production of 27 of the company, but due to lack of orders, the plant has been discontinued for many years. This time by the Indian capital should restore production.

After the completion of the Soviet 30MKI, India is very satisfied, it uses the layout of the duck wing and vector engines are the latest technology. Compared with the same period, China ordered 30MKK compared to the Soviet Union, in theory, but also to a higher grade. Sue 30MKI and Sue 30MKK in the number of only one letter, the actual is not the same. Sue 30MKK redesigned the body, updated the avionics, etc.. Su 30MKI did not change the body, just installed new equipment. In addition to improved India fighter according to requirements, Russia also agreed to transfer the production license, assembled by India. In contrast, China in order to get the Su-27 technical, only with the Russian negotiations that takes the years, India is treatment too good, it makes India is quite satisfactory, all of a sudden it opened 140 aircraft orders later India began to reorder and final order columns packed with more than 300 aircraft.

India is indeed very satisfied with the design of the new aircraft, but after a series of equipment, but began to have a lot of problems, advanced but not reliable. According to the India media said Su -30MKI fighter proper rate of only 55-60%, the accident rate is not lower than the other models.For the Indian side to find Russia said fighters have quality problems. The results after Russia special inspection, gave a Indian use improper conclusion. The production license of the promise has become limited to assembly technology, no transfer of a full set of production technology to India. This is not the end, Russia should constantly look for excuses, raise the price of the supply of spare parts, finally a worthwhile down, assembled its Indian Su-30 than imported more expensive, said to cost has risen to close to $2 billion. If this is not the way, India will be hard to buy a gust of wind?

This naturally caused India's complaint, but Russian media then went: India accounted for cheap, should Touzhaoyue to. The reason is that Su 30MKI as the best fighter completely according to the requirements of Indian R & D, since the service, accident rate is the Indian Air Force for all models among the lowest; don't even say, Russia to transfer the production permit. This is only true allies to get.

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