In the name of the Central Military Commission, to meet the peacekeepers in the event of a return to the ceremony held in Zhengzhou

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In the name of the Central Military Commission, to meet the peacekeepers in the event of a return to the ceremony held in Zhengzhou

2016-07-21 01:35:09 559 ℃

The mammoth news reporter Mi Fangjie / Wen Shen Xiang / TU

After the approval of President Xi Jinping and the Central Military Commission, I went to the South Sultan peacekeeping infantry battalion attacked casualties returned home to meet the ceremony was held in the afternoon of 20, held in Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport.

Central Military Commission Joint Chiefs of staff, deputy chief of staff of the long b Xiaoguang, Central Military Commission of the Central Committee of the CPC and Political Work Department deputy director command Du Heng Yan to meet, to the martyrs expressed deep condolences, to the relatives of martyrs and wounded comrades expressed cordial greetings and to adhere to all the officers and soldiers in international peacekeeping line express lofty respect praise with Comrade Li Lei, Yang Shupeng represent the majority of the peacekeeping officers and soldiers, dares to provoke the participation in international peacekeeping burden, have made outstanding contributions to world peace and stability, and won the highest honor for the motherland.

Xi and chairman of the Central Military Commission to me went to South Sudan peacekeeping infantry battalion encounter attack casualty officers rehabilitation and treatment work attaches great importance to, are very concerned about the safety of the front-line troops, sent a work team to go to South Sudan peacekeeping mission area, visit condolences peacekeepers and to coordinate the handling of related matters. I sent a military transport aircraft and professional medical rescue aircraft, pick up the martyrs and wounded soldiers returning home.

(Li Lei's mother)

The blood station on Wan Li to write loyalty. Today the Xinzheng airport apron solemn, "peacekeeping heroes, loyal to return; forward Trojan spirit" of the eye-catching banners, expressing people's infinite grief and pay high tribute. Comrades and relatives of the martyrs came here early, waiting for the return of the hero.

3 pm, the aircraft carrying Li Lei, Yang Shupeng martyrs coffin smooth landing, slowly slide to the apron. The coffin peacekeeping greet returning ceremony began, the song "mildly low" missing rings. In under the guidance of the leading portrait of the embrace of the martyrs, covered with the national flag of the people's Republic of China martyrs coffin by small slowly carried by military aircraft. Military band played the National Anthem of the people's Republic of China, on behalf of the officers and men to the martyrs wreath, the people bowed three times to the hero.

The hero died, the spirit is eternal. The soldiers have said, to seriously study heroic deeds, and vigorously carry forward the spirit of the hero, and actively participate in military practice, striving to be the "Four Haves" a new generation of revolutionary soldiers and resolutely obey the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission and chairman of directing learning, for safeguarding world peace and development make new larger contribution.

July 10, I went to South Sudan peacekeeping infantry battalion of an armored vehicle in mission was hit by a shell, caused by Li Lei, Yang Shupeng heroic sacrifice and five comrades injured. By slightly injured soldiers Yao Daoxiang, Wu le with machine to return; injured Chen Ying, de la Hoya will have been on the 17th aboard professional medical rescue aircraft returning, arrangement in Beijing treated: Xiao Hui song after treatment recovered well, take the initiative to ask to return to the station.

Army, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Sichuan Province and the Ministry of foreign affairs departments of military leaders, relatives of the martyrs, officers and representatives of more than 500 people attended the ceremony.

(hero of the hearse from Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport starting, will be bound for the martyrs living place of the 20th army Xuchang unit, held after the memorial service for ashes will be placed in the home of the martyrs cemetery of revolutionary martyrs.