Chinese bullpup rifle career in the United States, the buyer gave the poor: "too rough"

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Chinese bullpup rifle career in the United States, the buyer gave the poor: "too rough"

2016-09-07 20:01:57 1047 ℃

The bullpup rifle air force Gatlin world [original] Chinese the earliest in the world caused a stir, not my main army type 97 or 95.

Is a kind of gun that is now rarely known, this is the 86S rifle!

86S early attracted attention in the American market, but the final evaluation is get both praise and blame.

86S was developed by the China North Industries Corporation, a 7.62 mm rifle, the technical basis for the 56 type of assault rifles, AK-47 assault rifles of the Chinese version of the. On the whole, 86S has a typical layout of the no care rifle, similar to the Austria AUG and French FAMAS rifle. On the basis of the type 56 submachine gun, 86S design of the casing and grip position exchange, thus formed the bullpup layout than the 56 type of short.

One, the overall design is simple and reliable, but did not solve the biggest flaw

It is said that 86S was originally just a prototype of the test prototype of a non - support rifle, and has not considered the use of equipment. But in the economic difficulties of the reform and opening up, the northern industrial think this experiment has a relatively unique position, able to blaze a way in the civil market, so a small amount of exports to the United States after the reform started.

[original] 86S Gatlin world air casing and the handle assembly position swap, the new stock structure wrapped around the casing second part, bolt is located almost entirely in the butt. Only 56 of the whole gun type 75% length, but the barrel length is consistent. 86S length of 415 mm, the total length of 663 mm gun, 3.6 kg of air guns, as a performance with 56, AK-47 close to the automatic rifle, the volume of a large reduction, to the 86S unique market positioning. However, because 86S simply takes the overall layout of 56 submachine gun was adjusted, rather than the overall optimization design two times, so many components must rely on additional space to accommodate, to a lateral uplift mechanism increased, increasing the width of the width of the problem makes the 86S, although a short cut, but users there is still heavy and bloated feeling, and had a negative impact on articles for operation.

86S casing parts appearance close to 56 submachine gun, including a casing body, a seat and a tail seat, insurance and hand. A large number of parts can be compatible with the AK-47 56 submachine gun or swap - this is one of the major advantages of the 86S, it inherited the AK series has the advantages of reliable performance, while a large number of interchangeable parts, which can be easily carried on the maintenance of private users, increase the market competitive power. Rigid locking mechanism for rotary machine box, composed of a gun barrel, a barrel bolt, etc.. The gun bolt is provided with a left locking lug and a thread pitch 3 mm locking screw surface. The firing mechanism comprises a hammer, a spring, a firing pin, trigger, sear, shaft and insurance etc.. Insurance for the dual system, including security, in place insurance.

[air force world Gatlin original] must be pointed out that despite the efforts of the,From the structural accuracy of the AK-47 problem, in the 86S rifle has not been resolved. Firing, bolt components will be lashed back in the gun casing, pounding and effects of bursts of precision. This is a design from the AK-47 -, long plagued users, 86S design is simple to change the layout, can not solve this problem. In fact, 81 assault rifle in a lot of equipment, it is very effective to improve the accuracy of the method is that a lengthened casing, the bolt component movement does not occur when the violent impact, in the practical application of soldiers generally reflect bursts of excellent accuracy. But this small caliber rifle is further improved by the global design, make the gun problem beating down to new lows.

Two, 86S rifle details to improve many, but the lack of integrity

The muzzle flash hider used special fish mouth shape, clamping the steel wire or steel bar, and then click the shot. This design is also more similar to AUG. Equipped with a bayonet, the bayonet can fight. 86S sales package includes a versatile dagger, can be used as a bayonet or survival tool. Other accessories include packing box, strap, spare magazines, accessories and accessories tube tool, an inert.

With this overall layout adjustment, 86S pull the handle is also moved to the upper side of the box, can be left and right pulling. Set the handle, will arrange to put on the front sight device, solve the bullpup layout brings increased line of sight problems. Interface device equipped with sight glass. Add a small folding handle, similar to AUG, the shortage of the front holding space to solve the one hand, on the other hand, the traditional gun beat ease AK-47 bursts the problem of low accuracy, and can be used as a tripod.

In order to improve the shoulder to shoulder, the back end of the casing is provided with a metal brace, and the user's shoulder shot is more effective. The retractable device, saving space, location or internal accessories package.

The above improvements, in line with the world's more popular in the world of rifle design to improve the trend, but it is more fragmented, lack of integrity. Because a lot of use of the 56 type, AK-47 parts, making the appearance of some parts of the lack of new ideas, to some extent, it is a very intuitive to think that this is a very rough cheap products. Above all kinds of factors, leading to 86S the whole gun did not give the user a higher level of feeling, the export work has a negative impact.

Three, 86S uses the popular 7.62x39 bullets, mixed

86S use AK-47 traditional 7.62x39 mm bullet, the bullet in the civilian market is also very popular. The bullet at the end of World War II developed, is the largest number in the world, the most widely distributed bullet. The launch of 86S 7.62X39 mm ball, the muzzle velocity of 710 M / s, a range of 400 meters. Equipped with two kinds of magazines, a magazine capacity of 20 rounds is straight, the other is a traditional AK 30 arc magazine. The magazine is composed of a casing, a ball supporting plate, spring, magazine cover around the mouth plate, before and after the buckle plate. 86S in order to comply with the provisions of the United States civilian firearms, only able to semi-automatic shooting.

[original] Gatlin air force base technology world is playing the Soviet 7.62x39 7.75x39 of Germany and 7.92 bullets, until 1970s the Soviet to use 5.45x39 small caliber bullet. But the former is still in a large number of countries around the world. This bullet using copper coated low carbon steel core, the core part of a small amount of lead weight. The bullet has a micro conical shell casings, back shells for low failure rate, with the arc magazine use, control the total length of the magazine. The bullet is earlier use of low carbon steel core of the intermediate cartridge, reasonable weight, high velocity, trajectory straight, good precision. In the 56 semi automatic rifle, or AK-47 single shot, and some civilian rifle, the bullet hit precision is very good. The steel core is ensured in moderate velocity (less than 7.62x52 high power rifle bullet) under the premise, there is still enough penetration.

But in 1980s 86S began to export, use the bullet slightly behind the times. Indeed, the bullet that 86S users can find plenty of ammunition supply, very convenient, but for the bullpup rifle of the bomb is the power is too large. The bullpup rifle user's head was almost covered on the casing, 7.62x39 intermediate cartridge vibration, smoke and noise directly on the user's head, and not feel good. At that time, 5.56 mm small caliber bullet has been very popular, north industry has also launched 84 foreign trade rifle 5.56 small caliber submachine gun 56 is consistent with the overall layout, if 86S can use this bullet, bullet is more suitable than 7.62x39.

[original] world air force Gatlin of course, as we have mentioned in the beginning of the article, 86S is a northern industrial experimental rifle instead of trying to export models, we do not apply high standards to it. 84, 97, and so on a more popular foreign trade rifles, but also proved that China's assault rifle in the United States and the world's civilian firearms market advantage. As a groundbreaking test gun type, 86S completed the mission entrusted, in the history of the development of China's light weapons in the possession of its own place, we should be properly affirmed.

86S no support rifle performance table:

Diameter: 7.62× 39 mm

Length: 663 mm

Barrel length: 415 mm

Gun width: 49 mm

Full weight: 3.75 kg

Muzzle velocity: 710 M / s.

The theoretical rate of fire: 600 rounds / minute

Effective range: 400 meters

Magazine capacity: 15 rounds or 30 rounds

56 bullets: 7.62 mm bullet

Automatic mode: air guide type

Latch mode: gun latch

Launch mode: single shot