The United States has sold 2 C-130 transport aircraft in China

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The United States has sold 2 C-130 transport aircraft in China

2016-09-07 20:03:31 1488 ℃

C-130 aircraft is a military transport aircraft Lockheed · Martin company, has so far produced more than 2 thousand and 500. This transport aircraft derived a large number of models, but also has a lot of countries in the use of. C-130 transport aircraft is not only a military version, but also a civilian version of the L-100 series.

In 1980s, China's civil aviation channels, to the United States to buy a 2 L-100-30 Lockheed type of aircraft, the type of transport aircraft is the civil version of the C-130 transport aircraft. The number of these two transport aircraft were B-3002 and B-3004.

The L-100 series has a plurality of improved models, including L 100 (Model 382), L 100 (Model 382B), L 100 20 (Model 382E and Model 382F), L 100 30 (Model 382G), LM 100J (Model 382J).

L-100 transport aircraft in 1964 to achieve the first flight, and later improved a number of sub models L-100. L-100 series of aircraft produced a total of 114, discontinued in 1992.

The parameters of this aircraft and C-130 transport aircraft is roughly similar, the maximum takeoff weight of 70 tons, a range of nearly 9000 km.

Lockheed L-100-30 transport aircraft on the tarmac, drawing No. B-3002 machine. From the body, we can see that it belongs to China International airline company.

L-100 transport aircraft from the first to the present, has a history of more than 50 years.

The aircraft can also be used for military purposes, such as Indonesia, Libya, Algeria, Ecuador, Kuwait, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and other many countries it will be directly used as military transport aircraft.

As of now, a total of around the world there are 36 Lockheed L 100 conveyor is used for commercial purposes, in addition to the 35 aircraft in the global air force.

After selling the L-100-30 transport aircraft to China, the United States later imposed an arms embargo on China, which once banned the export of such aircraft to China. In 2010, the United States released the restrictions on the sale of C-130 transport aircraft to china.

Now, China has developed its own domestic transport aircraft. L-100-30 transport case tells us that there are thousands of all things have to have their own. Buy from abroad is very convenient, but the key moment will be stuck in the neck, domestic transport aircraft to take off as soon as possible, we will be greatly reduced restrictions.