Contemporary China, why not directly to the Pacific Ocean test?

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Contemporary China, why not directly to the Pacific Ocean test?

2016-09-07 20:05:06 398 ℃

In the Chinese rocket has repeatedly fired within the territory, is reportedly the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile. The U.S. space-based and ground-based missile surveillance system, also the test track and confirm.

The U.S. military announced: these tests, most were launched from Shanxi and is located in the northeast of China ballistic missile base, from east to west, the China warhead placement in the deserts of Xinjiang. The US military has observed two sub warheads in flight at the same time, also announced that the part of the Chinese new intercontinental missile was launched from the railway.

The U.S. military news, confirmed the "town of Dongfeng 41 weapon", and the Chinese haveRoad mobile launchandRailway motor launchTwo ways to track the world's leading launch.


The U.S. has strictly confirmed the news, but there is a pheasant Taiwan surnamed Ma "brick house" jumped out of Dongfeng 41 test talk a lot of nonsense: posing as experts, from China any missile base, to distance the western range are not more than 3500 kilometers, so these missiles can not prove that he is the Intercontinental missile.

I see here, a mouthful of tea almost sprayed to the TV, did not want to see these brick house nonsense, occasionally see a almost laughable.

As a perennial appearance of the "military experts" should make such comments, there are only two possible:

1, Ma brick home really silly, like the "smatter, sprinkle powder against 20 fighters" Song Zhaowen, Pianchipianhe dawdle. Before the mainland military information is not developed, these Hong Kong and Taiwan military commentators may also have the market. But now, the mainland's average young army fans are better than them, the fake experts are close to their jobs. Even the "proficient in English and other languages of Russia and Japan" military spies -- even a big wet, will soon be the majority of the mainland fans stripped the pillory. Some things will have neither learning nor skill, weak.

2, Japan Spy, pawn.Hong Kong and Taiwan's many military commentators, this possibility is not low. Goad, Chinese shock to the Pacific launched intercontinental missile, just let the US anti missile system combat exercise, good touch Chinese.

For intercontinental missiles with real warheads, the United States is not the actual combat intercept. To intercept intercontinental missiles, equivalent to open the nuclear war button. But for the launch of the intercontinental missile experiment, with only a simulated warhead, the United States is likely to simulate the actual combat intercept, drill a whole NMD system. Even if not stopped, the harvest will certainly not be less.


Network transmission Dongfeng 41

Which of these two kinds of circumstances, more inclined to which one? I believe that do not rule out the two cases are. Japan Taiwan funded possession of some old military public thugs, was old and stupid and foolish, Western taxpayers are pigs.

So, since our army in 1980, has been the two South Pacific test launch launch vehicle, in fact, is the Dongfeng 5 intercontinental missile. So why don't you test the Pacific Ocean again?

In today's strategic environment, the monitoring system of the United States of missile and anti missile capabilities, and the situation cannot be mention in the same breath. The strategic nuclear ICBM weapon power, finally, the killer town of beryl in the light, be shown in an?

Launch to the Pacific Ocean, so that the United States can accurately measure the trajectory? Tracking reentry warhead? Even pick up slug analysis? Spend money to let the United States emperor NMD full combat exercise? Silly ah!

To know the United States is the warhead intercontinental missile range, a bomb in the Pacific region, Caroline atoll in the Marshall Islands. The range of the target nearby, are super phased array radar and other facilities, can accurately measure the direction of any flying intercontinental ballistic missile midcourse ballistic and reentry warhead.


The cradle of the U.S. anti missile system: Kwajalein

Strategic missile range, is not only a desert or sea.If there is no complex and large measurement and control facilities in the vicinity of the setting, then where the bullet falls?Is it correct??It is likely to play out, do not know the results, such a test would not make sense.

China's current strategic missile impact point target in the Xinjiang desert. However, in a suburban range nearby, there are super phased array radar, which can control its intercontinental missile, can also carry out midcourse missile guidance, national satellite trajectory can control tracking over, including neighboring countries intercontinental missile.

The surrounding, in addition to the giant phased array radar main control facilities, there are a large number of arrays into radio, infrared, optical network, and even anti missile strategic laser and other advanced facilities. In short, the range is very large and complex construction, need long-term and huge investment. In addition, in the range of target but also the construction of military facilities to simulate live power test, even underground nuclear facilities simulation reinforcement.


The network has been our simulation the United States aircraft carrier deck, two missiles hit directly, blow out two large crater pictures. Although the target is in the desert, with cement or steel production, but still can be seen, is strictly in accordance with the u.s..

This shows that even if it is to be the target simulation fried rotten, still need to be carefully designed, spend a lot of manpower and resources for construction, to pass a test launch, get the valuable parameters to approximate the actual effect of large and comprehensive experimental results. These experiments require sophisticated requirements of strategic missile impact range, construction as far as possible in the territory of the land in the desert.

To launch the Pacific, in addition to cheap foreign, top secret leaked ahead of national core nuclear operations ability, but its very difficult to obtain many useful experimental data. In 1980, China's comprehensive facilities in Northwest missile, then have not started construction. To the depths of the Pacific Ocean near the launch, can only choose to have large tracts of land, open ocean island or launch.

The first to announce the landing area, and then send out Yuanwang series; ocean surface fleet, to receive clearance around the island over a great distance; protest; Western launch media campaign, you affect the ocean environment and freedom of navigation; facing a lot of harassment aircraft and ships harassed the spy (1980 is such a script, as many). In a word, is to start from scratch in the ocean, a new water consumption range, huge political cost is very high.

But in addition to the full range of the missile to prove the full range and leakage of the ballistic trajectory, the other can prove what it?


High speed reentry warhead does not intercept (so far, there is no one in the world directly intercept the warhead intercontinental missile, even if it is a simulated warhead. This technology is too insane! The middle section of the anti missile interception, missiles have not more than three thousand kilometers, the warhead velocity does not exceed 5 kilometers per second, and intercontinental ballistic missile reentry warhead terminal velocity of more than 7 kilometers per second), will be directly into thousands of meters deep sea.

To get the warhead, but also dispatched dragon. If they do not get lazy fishing, other big country can be sure to go fishing, fishing for the warhead will leak more of a country's top secret. For example, the warhead and heat warhead materials, technology and other information, is a dream day India wants to achieve a second-class power technology. They have not yet fully mastered the key technologies of these intercontinental missiles.

Needless to say, intercontinental ballistic missiles, is the last century in the middle of 90s, I launched off the coast of Taiwan China warhead to medium range ballistic missiles and short-range ballistic missile fragments. Taiwan and the U.S. were later found, and picked up the pieces, all sent to the United States in detail, the side that our army advanced short-range missile Dongfeng series, but also a lot of apparently leaked confidential.


A few years ago, the South Korean fishing to boost phase like hemp rod like North Korea's rocket technology, greatly behind the mainstream of the world level, South Korea are highly prized. There are friends laugh, after the South rod ready to dry, and then install it to the old law on the re-use.

Although it is a joke, but also to see that the ballistic missile is an important military power of military secrets. Do you think the value of small warheads or booster wreckage from foreign intelligence value view, is extremely rich baby. (China's missile and rocket wreckage, even falling in the territory, but also to prevent the recovery of all, "people" to get).

There are deep sea divers in the US and Japan,amongThe slug of the sea,onIs one of its important potential military core uses..It is an important factor in China's development of "dragon" series of manned deep-sea submarine.



The test launch in 1980, the navy can be said to be moving out of the. An activity, afraid is to put a full five year plan of the Navy oil budget money is spent. 1980 two Dongfeng 5 test, the result is a success, a partial failure. At that time the international environment, China can be described as relatively favorable. Is in the cold war, China and the United States is the best period of relations, but still suffer from a lot of harassment.

The 2 Dongfeng 5 launch test, foreign is not said to be a test liquid intercontinental missiles, saying only that it is a long-range rocket. In fact, the liquid and Dongfeng 5 active long march series of basic level, is a team of two brands ". The ballistic and the carrier are different.

Now Chinese Aerospace Department, a South East, firing more than and 20 rounds of long march rocket, the success rate is very high. Therefore, the outdated liquid intercontinental missile, is no longer necessary for trouble test.

In 80s on the full range of intercontinental missile, more like "poor just eat", to show their "foreign powers", as the reform has just begun and open the door, looking for a little bit of confidence and pride. Some people like the old Shanghai, before going out to find a block with large meat wiped his mouth to show their noon just eat meat as well as face."Show" meaning, is greater than the actual value.

But at present, in our country the solid and the submarine launched intercontinental missile has been mature and a large number of service, but also to the East test? And now everyone in this meat tired state, before going out to get the meat to wipe your mouth, is the same. Funny?


Technically, simple and popular, from the domestic launch site (Bohai Bay and Wuzhai) to the Xinjiang desert, straight-line distance of 2500 to 3000 kilometers, complete trajectory can be played as usual land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine launched ballistic missiles.

How to fight? Very simple, to take a high trajectory on it.

A simple analogy: suppose one lives in the courtyard inside the child, love playing slingshot. His family's courtyard is 10 meters by 10 meters square, but he wants to do a slingshot can play 50 meters away. The child wants to test, and can not open the door to the street, that will hit passers head, bring more trouble; not discharged into the wall, projectile neighborhood, smashing the neighbor's pots, water tanks, and let people come to his parents.

So, how do you test it? If it is not for the mentally handicapped, seven or eight year old children also know that there is a way:Vertical to the sky!This can be fully launched, hit a full trajectory, and will not cause the bullet into the yard outside and bring trouble. If the test, found the projectile can fly to a height of 30 meters above the oblique distance, so sure can hit more than 50 meters.

Similarly, in the land of finite length, range and field emission line between the distance, only the intercontinental missile has a range of 1/4 conditions, take a high trajectory, that is to play to the high trajectory, still can play a complete full flight test of ballistic missiles.

For example, the range of 12000 km of the main intercontinental missile, the standard trajectory of the highest point in the distance from the ground about 800 km. If the same missile trajectory, the highest point to adjust to 3000~4000 km up and down. So a missile has a maximum range of 3000 kilometers, it can be completely in China's domestic launch and range between the complete flight test.


Trajectory is high, there is a weakness, is to make the surrounding countries and regions of radar detection facilities, easier to capture the information of China's launch of ballistic missiles, and easy to detect most of the middle of the trajectory. But sometimes, the test of strategic missile, is to give the hostile powers and neighboring harbour evil designs some neighbor some color to see see.Ballistic high, to see more people, more deterrent effect.

There is a weakness of the ballistic trajectory, which is easier to intercept. But the actual combat trajectory is lower, more difficult to intercept. Leapfrog or skip trajectory, under the current technical conditions on the basic can not be intercepted.

Our range in the west, mostly in the eastern part of the launch site.Due to the earth's rotation is from west to East, then West emission, inverse earth rotation direction,The experimental range is more recent..And if the actual launch of the American continent, is to take the northeast or the Arctic trajectory ballistic trajectory, along the direction of the earth's rotation,Range will be longer..

Special "sounding rocket in China last year launched" ("super Zuantianhou" vertical drilling days, shoot high load, but no more than the first cosmic speed, but also did not take around the earth trajectory, amazing shot up to tens of thousands of kilometers, but still have to fall back to earth warheads) pull dry onions, after the launch of the basic vertical upward fly to the 30000 kilometers above the height of the last bullet fell into India ocean.

This "sounding rocket", is said to be converted by booster in a certain active solid ballistic missiles, used to direct reverse high orbit satellite (GPS and geostationary communication satellite of the US Army), vertical drilling days, can fly to tens of thousands of kilometers above the height.


Oblique hypothesis,How far can it be?

Pseudo experts also called for, did not see the continental missile range of more than 5000 km. Can say, the brick house is really not as good as IQ and quality of children under the age of 10 playing slingshot.

However, China in the future to the Southeast Pacific Ocean and then solid intercontinental missile, is not entirely impossible.Really do, is not a good phenomenon!

If this occurs in the future, we can not suppress the conventional domestic test, a super power of nuclear war. Our country can only be forced to go directly to the east of the sea, a plurality of intercontinental ballistic missile test, this is to go out, desperately posture, is a prelude to the preparation of global nuclear war!

If the United States really forced us into this, he himself is ready to destroy the country. Other countries trying to look at the lively, but also began to prepare for the diffuse global nuclear radiation, and the next few years, the continuation of the "nuclear winter" under the survival of the road. We will be full for the east of Xi'an, the United States will be scorched, ashes to ashes. The world will once again be the earth's biological extinction and re evolution, ready to start.



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