Zhang Zhaozhong: where did the oxygen from the submarine come from? Submarine quest 04

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Zhang Zhaozhong: where did the oxygen from the submarine come from? Submarine quest 04

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Oxygen is the basic condition for the survival of people, without oxygen, people will die of suffocation. People who live in the atmosphere, who will not have enough oxygen to worry about. However, if you run into outer space, you might be able to realize the importance of oxygen.

Similarly, in the water submerged hundreds of meters long submarine as oxygen for life, the submarine without enough oxygen, people can not survive. In this case, also talk about what fighting force?

Submarine combat chart

We all know that the submarine is very powerful, hidden in the depths of the ocean, by surprise attack on ships during World War II and the German submarine had his moment, especially in the tactical popular 1940, Germany can use the loss of a submarine sunk cost of 22 enemy ship,!

U505 submarine profile

Most people bring weapons and equipment, all of this in the best of spirits how badly that how much, how many people will pay attention to these weapons is to be manufactured and used in war? The submarine like this thing, it is a pressure shell and non pressure hull closed underwater vessels, when it is submerged under water is how to get enough oxygen?

Submarine lung breathing apparatus training

Submarine breathing oxygen mainly from four aspects: ventilation tube device, air regeneration device, air purification device and air conditioning device. The Second World War, allied forces stepped up development of anti submarine weapon to deal with German submarines, surface ships are installed on the aircraft is also equipped with sonar, radar, allied with the anti submarine depth, German submarine losses began to increase. At that time, if the submarine to charge, then you need to surface, with a submarine on the diesel engine to charge the battery, charging time is also very long, about four hours or so. Imagine if a German submarine charging by Allied escort fighter or ship found, that is not waiting to be? In order to better enhance the submarine's concealment, in 1943, the German submarine vent pipe installation.

Nazi German Navy U-58 vent pipe

Ventilation pipe device is a pipe lifting, in coastal waters or sailing at night, sometimes float to the submarine periscope depth, extended periscope water and air situation in a few meters away from the water or a dozen metres deep, if conditions allow, the ventilation tube rose out of the water, the air through the tube into the cabin. The cabin through the dirty air in the exhaust fairwater rear discharge tube, so that the air convection inside the boat, can keep fresh air. In terms of tactical periscope depth called dangerous depth, in order to conceal the reasons, the submarine did not dare to use this kind of work, because it is very easy to be found in the enemy anti submarine forces, but also easy to offshore impact accident.

Schematic diagram of submarine vent pipe

With the ventilation tube device, let's look at the air regeneration device, air regeneration device is a device that can generate oxygen, which is composed of a regenerative blower, oxygen generating device, the carbon dioxide absorption device. When working, the fan will be in the cabin air through an air duct is pumped to the carbon dioxide absorption device, the elimination of carbon dioxide produced by adding oxygen generator oxygen in the processed air, and then through the air duct to the cabin crew for breathing, so the cycle to reach the purpose of air regeneration. This air regeneration device usually available water electrolysis to oxygen, it decomposed oxygen for 70 ~ 100 hours of breathing, but because of too much electricity, not suitable for conventional submarine.

The electrolysis oxygen generation principle

In addition, there are some pre storage methods such as oxygen, regenerative medicine plate, oxygen bottles, oxygen candle and Liquid Oxygen etc.. The regenerative medicine board is a kind of porous plate made of a variety of chemical substances and fillers, which can produce chemical reaction and generate oxygen when the air flows through the air. The general submarine with the regenerative medicine board, can be used for 500 to 1500 hours. The oxygen bottle is a pressure vessel oxygen stored, used to open the valve to bleed, mainly for the diving bell, bathyscaphs etc.. Liquid Oxygen is also a kind of pressure vessel is similar with the oxygen bottle, which is available for 70-100 crew for 90 days. Is a kind of oxygen candle made of chemical materials such as candle ignited combustible materials, can be made of oxygen. A 1 feet long, 3 inch diameter oxygen candle to release oxygen, can accommodate 40 people for 1 hours.

In addition to an air purifier, air purifier is harmful gases in the air and inside control of impurities in a processing device allows the following standard value, there are four common types: one is the hydrogen burning device, it is mainly used in electric heater will flow through the air and temperature, then in catalysis under the bed catalytic combustion of hydrogen and oxygen react to generate steam, hydrogen is burned up. Two is a harmful gas combustion device, its work is the same as the first one, but it is the burning of harmful gases. Three is a carbon dioxide purification device, it is through a special solution to absorb carbon dioxide. Four is the activated carbon filter, it is made of activated carbon filter material, is made of a special carbon composed of porous adsorbent to absorb a variety of harmful gases, and then achieve the purpose of purifying air.

The rest as well as air conditioning, air conditioning device is mainly to maintain the temperature and humidity in the submarine, the crew has a comfortable living environment and working conditions, and ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment, it is not able to produce oxygen. These things we are talking about today, it seems very simple, but for the submarine life, but it is essential.

In April 16, 2003 361, Chinese Navy Submarine Boat crash, 70 soldiers were killed, after investigation found that the cause of the accident is due to a fault when charging the intake valve does not open, charging the amount of oxygen consumption is very large, especially when the need to enter the air. After the relevant data show that about two minutes time, the ship's oxygen is basically consumed over.

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