China's nuclear submarine why so few? 30 years later, or to become the world's largest underwater force

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China's nuclear submarine why so few? 30 years later, or to become the world's largest underwater force

2016-07-21 01:35:13 685 ℃

Since the 1950s "Nautilus" nuclear submarine in the United States Navy after serving, the Soviet Union and the United States and other countries will have nuclear submarine development focus of the direction of development of the Navy, not only the development of more powerful nuclear attack submarine, the nuclear powered submarines do not have surfaced, in order to carry out the advantage of submerged under the water for a long time, in nuclear submarines equipped with fitted with nuclear warheads in the submarine launched ballistic missile, causes it to become the strategic nuclear submarines, compared to intercontinental ballistic missiles and strategic bombers, which constitute the most reliable nuclear second strike force. The United States and the British Navy submarine force and even eliminated the conventional submarines, the formation of a full nuclear submarine force.

You have to develop their own nuclear submarines in the United States and the Soviet Union, China leaders also saw the great significance of the nuclear submarine as atomic bomb, put forward the "nuclear submarine ten thousand years to engage in" slogan, starting from a nuclear submarine to buy toys, after ten years of development, the first Type 091 attack Chinese the birth of a nuclear submarine, and install missile tubes become the 094 class strategic nuclear submarine on its basis, although the two class submarines equipped with advanced equipment from western countries such as France, sonar system production, but in a sense of the just to solve any problem, its performance compared to the Soviet Union France's products have a large gap, especially noise can easily be detected due to the. The Chinese navy will be the first generation of 091 nuclear attack submarine and 092 class strategic nuclear submarine deployed in the heavily fortified Bohai Bay, in the service of most of the time, it did not bear the combat duty, but continue to perform the task of training and research, in training a large number of nuclear submarines operating personnel at the same time, for the development of China's nuclear submarine provides valuable experience and lessons, help to design more advanced next generation nuclear submarine.

At present, the Chinese navy fleet of nuclear submarines the type 093 nuclear powered attack submarine and type 094 strategic nuclear submarines, of which the latter is on the basis of the former container missile launch tube improvement and, similar to the first generation of Chinese nuclear submarines, and in other countries, strategic nuclear submarines are usually specially designed. Compared with the first generation of nuclear submarines, although foreign military experts believe that the type 093 attack submarines may be obtained from the former Soviet Republic and the western countries to help in the development of the times, so that the design is very like the Soviet Navy on 70s 3 century serving Victor class attack submarines, and the 094 class strategic nuclear submarine it is more like Victor in the 3 class attack submarine missile launch tube, but the installation, a significant progress is the 094 class strategic nuclear submarines have been in late 2015 or early 2016 into combat duty, and were deployed to Sanya Yalong Bay in Hainan Island Chinese new nuclear submarine base, starting from here, can use the South Sea China deep hiding his whereabouts and advantage into the Pacific ocean.

Recently, according to the U.S. military news strategic network reported that the Chinese media recently released a 093G type of submarine attacks on nuclear submarine photos and information in the world of the sea caused by the waves. 093G type of attack submarines (also known as 093B) is developed on the basis of the 093 type submarines, the increase of the vertical launch of the missile device, you can launch anti ship missiles and cruise missiles. This is similar to the Losangeles class nuclear submarine improved version of the United states. Outside speculation, the new type of 093G attack submarines designed to reduce the noise of the submarine, reducing the likelihood of being detected by other vessels. Reported that 093 types of nuclear submarines in reducing noise and other aspects of some problems still exist. So far, China may have built 094 type 5 nuclear powered submarines. If the 093G type nuclear submarine can achieve the desired goal, China may build sixth. The United States military believes that if China developed nuclear attack submarines and ballistic missile submarine performance reached the level of western countries, the number of Chinese nuclear submarines will be significantly increased. As a result, China may have the world's most powerful navy in 2040s. However, the current strength of the Chinese navy is still relatively weak.

Zhaoxi military commentator said that Russia and the United States in the decades of time, the development of the multiple types of nuclear submarines, at present, the stable performance of the first-class level in the world, China in the development of nuclear submarine has been taking is the road of independence, China is difficult to obtain help from western technology, while Russia has also been of strategic weapons technology communication with China to reject attitude, which makes China in nuclear submarine development so far has been chasing attitude. But need to see is the Chinese leadership on nuclear submarines, especially the attention of strategic nuclear submarines constitute of submarine nuclear power, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of underwater acoustic became funds to protect the most abundant one of the units, a full description of the attitude, owned by the Chinese navy nuclear submarine amount is less and not China construction level of restrictions, but China in the development strategy of nuclear submarines also take small run strategy, until their maturity may be built in large numbers. But even so, China would like the United States and Britain that the establishment of nuclear power, the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea is quite shallow, more conducive to the activities of conventional submarine.

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