Ukraine was ruined, even this technology also came to China!

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Ukraine was ruined, even this technology also came to China!

2016-07-21 01:36:04 681 ℃

Ukraine is regarded as China's military technology enlightenment teacher, but also the key to China's promotion of the world power. But the recent sharp eyed shaking media broke the news, Ukraine has all the speed are imparted to the Chinese.

Ukraine is second only to Russia's second floor area, as the former Soviet republics, with world-class technical level, of course, military enterprises is the world's top, such as the Ukrainian Antonov design bureau is one of them is world-class large-scale transportation manufacturers. As everyone knows, Ukraine China Liaoning's first aircraft carrier is to use the "Varyag".

In addition to the aircraft carrier, China many surface ships, many of them are Ukrainian technologies, such as "Chinese aegis ships to use the gas turbine is the production of diesel engine technology from Ukraine, as well as China developed for Pakistan" Khaled "main battle tanks, most early and Ukraine introduced, and Falcon - 15 trainer engine and so on are from Ukraine, through the use of a large number of domestic found that Ukraine's weapons and equipment is very advanced, have a common is reliability, long maintenance cycle, high efficiency advantage.

According to the professionals said, China and Ukraine has to make the 20 years, Chinese military technology in the Ukraine exports nearly 30 kinds of, which involves wide range missile, carrier, large ships, transports, supersonic trainer, tank engines and so on, readers see these are the key equipment. 20 years, China has almost the Ukrainian military technology over, although Ukraine has been feeling the roots Zhide, but individual technology in some areas, Ukraine still has space cooperation.

When the junior middle school Wugang began working to build up the foundation of Chinese due to technological backwardness, the exchange level is relatively low, the scale is not large, but the Ukraine experts did not abandon, or sent a large number of technical experts to discuss the technical work, help improve the China technical requirements, according to the professionals, Ukraine experts are rigorous, answer, technology, materials are also very willing to share, can be said to be in the heart lungs out, so it seems that Ukraine really like the teacher, the hand carefully patiently teach students to live, until you can Xiaobian apprenticeship so far, we should thank Ukraine, no Ukraine has now Chinese.